How To Fix Printer Offline Windows 10 Issue? 0


Some of the times when you print document, you may receive printer is offline message on your Windows 10. Printer Offline Windows 10 issue is been encountered even though both your Windows 10 PC and Printer are in the online state. The printer goes offline due to some communication error or faulty printer driver. Unless you change the printer’s status, it will still in the offline state. If you are faced printer offline problem in Windows and looking for a quick fix, follow the below steps: • Open Control Panel on your Windows 10 • Select “Devices and Printers” option • Choose your actual printer from the opened list of installed printers • Tap on your printer icon and check the option “set as default printer” • Again give right-click on the printer to “See What’s Printing” • Click on printer tab • Uncheck the option “Use Printer Offline” Doing this above guidelines, your printer will immediately become Online from its Offline state and hence start delivering quality printout.

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