As someone who always played sports games 0


As someone NBA 2K21 MT who always played sports games on a console until I built a gaming rig this season. I'm going back into the console version. 2k20 looks great in my 4k tv with the settings maxed out and runs just like a dream. That's said, the player base is tiny and full of cheaters which murdered online for me. Doesn't really matter about the how great a NBA 2K21 game looks to me personally if the player base is awful and you dig on the internet. Would definitely give a shot to PC if things straighten out. I'd do exactly the same if I intended to buy an next gen console, but inspiring myself to purchase an 600-700$ NBA2k machine really is hard for me when I doubt I will be playing alot of different games around the Console. I am able to use that money to put in to a 3080 graphics card for my PC instead. Only games I miss from the Console market being an PC gamer is pretty much UFC & NHL, the remainder dont really interest me at all. The cheating problem is awful on PC, but I dont notice it in actuall game, I do notice it with maxed out players hard. And also the playerbase, I have never had troubles with getting games in the park, the Rec is pretty slow to have matchups in hard. It's because it's not a jack over, it's another game, and they have designed that match especially for the new consoles. The PS5 specifically can do things that your PC or my PC simply can't do, so you can't simply"port it over". In addition to this, the PC community is TINY compared to rest, so it would cost a lot of additional money in development and they'd get little return on that investment. Uh, what can an PS5 do that an PC cant perform? An PS5 should be on the exact same level of an good gaming PC, and the two Nvidia & AMD is releasing new graphics cards in the upcoming months aswell, pushing the operation of PCs far beyond Consoles again. "Its another game" but the console gamers get it free of charge if they purchase the normal version of NBA2k21 right? Or do console players have to buy it twice? Even the PC community is larger then people think imo, they'd earn money from porting the next gen version for sure, also they'd create their PC playerbase happy, even though they just break even. The PC version has experienced an avarage of 20k+ concurrent players for the past six months, that's pretty damn good for an niche sports PC game buy mt coins. It lands spot 22 in all played games on Steam.

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