The biggest example would have become the bank 0


It might RuneScape gold assist with promoting these updates and helps casual people who read twitter or might not watch streams. Together with the aspect of things, it helps expand your Youtube station which can draw in new players. Oh, and in case you're worried about having to delay an update then all you need to do is put in a disclaimer saying the BTS is a a plan not a warranty and modifications could happen. You may make connect and a edit to a separate newspost that would insure communication encircling said delay if you were to occur. On the notice. The newspost always has been about current or active data that week enclosing. It was never supposed to be something that promotes stuff later on. If you would like to have a section it shouldn't be tagged as the upgrade but instead under a different re-occuring category called"Upcoming Content". We are fine with the post having a component of reminding items / signposting if it is on the horizon! It is pretty beneficial given not everyone catches every bit of news, we simply have to present it. About the BTS stuff, thanks for the thoughts. We're in the process of moving towards being more development-update orientated that should give more of a sense of what you're looking for. We are very much committed to not announcing things too early to avoid mistakes of the past, but in precisely the exact same time, we want to increase transparency alongside that rather than you all feeling more in the dark because of it. We're thinking up strategies for how we struck that balance at the moment and hopefully whatever we come up with will feel closer to what you've described! What I described to you is what Jagex did for many years before Mod Warden came about and put an end to it. Because was ended for no reason with no replacement, many players in the community are upset at Jagex. Additionally I want to continue to reiterate something which I am afraid you guys don't understand: The error before was not that Jagex announced something too early, it was you didn't correctly convey its progress, strategy changes, and reasoning behind everything. The biggest example would have become the bank. It had been something that had development blogs and attempt but was pushed aside due to Mobile. Mobile demanded the motor group that was the exact same group required for the bank rework and was a priority that is larger. This was NEVER communicated. We were just told the rework was on hold/not being worked on until the engine team was accessible. Therefore every time a comment on reddit said it had been shelved it triggered a backlash. Partly because the term'shelved' is misunderstood, but mostly because Jagex didn't convey it efficiently. Then add a new tab section into the news upgrade where it says upcoming updates / modifications to RuneScape and they're not live yet? You guys went back and updated the wording on the article, which is great and all, but might have been avoided all together in the event that you'd put it in a more appropriate place to begin with. I believe that the point that Rubic makes to you holds merit. There would be no need to have content like this in upgrade posts In case you guys brought back BTS news articles and buy OSRS gold videos.

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