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Suzuki intends to commercialize hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles

Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor started testing hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles on roads and hopes to commercialize hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles.

BMW revealed eRR electric motorcycle

BMW eRR concept is the fully electric motorcycle based on BMW’s S1000RR platform – vehicle takes its chassis and design–with an all-electric drivetrain and a bunch of other cool features.

Yamaha unveiled two electric concept bikes at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha Corporation revealed two electric concept bikes (PES2 and PED2) at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Zero presented two new electric motorcycles

American company Zero Motorcycles unveiled its new electric motorcycle models (2016 Zero DSR MAX ADVENTURE and 2016 Zero FXS SUPERMOTO) and shared some details with us about its all-new drivetrains.

Engineers from Bolt Motorbikes created unique two-wheeled machine designed for urban commuting

The Bolt M-1 is the crazy mix of moped, motorcycle and bicycle that can be operated like a motorcycle (up to 5,500 watts for speeds up to 40 mph) as well as an e-bike (up to 1,000 watts for speeds up to 20 mph).

Meet the world's first electric chopper

Swiss engineer Bruno Forcella created first in the world all-electric chopper.

Barcelona Police goes green

Barcelona Police Department started to use BMW C evolution scooters in order to not pollute the environment.

Electric motorcycle Etro Agila costs only $2,000 and more likely to join EU and U.S. markets soon

Philipine's Etro Agila motorcycles are not only cheap, but also 100% eco-friendly

Brammo electric motorcycles have become affordable

Brammo electric motorcycle prices cut by $5,000 to $7,000
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