Kyburz Switzerland is about to launch all-electric roadster called eRod

Kyburz Switzerland is working on a special electric kart called eRod: the all-new vehicle will have 39 kWh battery, weight of 650 kg and hella lot of juice – vehicle will be able to travel over 135 miles on a single charge.

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Switzerland is a great country for living – worldwide rating of countries clearly says about it.

However, when it comes to automotive industry, Switzerland quits being so nice.

I mean, some economic sectors like tourism are extremely flourishing and well-developed – is there at least a person that doesn’t associate Switzerland with beautiful Alps, out-of-this-world chocolate and yodeling, that sometimes can get on your nerves? –but automotive industry is a horse of a different color.

This sector is extremely undeveloped and needs to be improved.

Well, luckily for us, ardent enthusiasts live everywhere and thanks to Kyburz Switzerland, we will soon see all-electric eRod with quite promising specs – I don’t know if you will be impressed by overpowered Swiss beauty, but personally I was.

39 kWh battery, 150 kW motor,a maximum range of 136 miles (around 220 kilometers), top speed of 87 mph (140 kilometers per hour) and all of that stuff comes in only 650 kg ‘packaging’.

Just terrific machine, that’s all that I can say.

Anyway, let’s not be that shallow and delve a little bit deeper – there is so many things that we can learn about this vehicle.

Kyburz eRod

Kyburz eRod comes in three flavors: Basic, Fun, and Race.














The Fun version comes with an 18 kWh battery and a 40 kW electric motor, which proves to be enough to power the 570 kg (1,256 lb) vehicle to 50 mph (80 km/h) in just 5.7 seconds.








Maybe, for some of the people it might be not enough, but for the car of the following class (don’t forget that eRod is a cart) it is OK.

Plus, the 18 kWh battery will provide the eRod with sufficient juice for 80 miles (130 kilometers).

Race model








The Race model, on the contrary, changes our vision of eRod at all.

With 39 kWh battery and 150 kW motor, the vehicle transforms into a real ‘beast’, if it could be said so.

Maximum range of 136 miles (220 kilometers) and a top speed of 87 mph(140 kilometers per hour) give the vehicle enough juice to start being interesting even for sophisticated and picky drivers that couldn’t live without speed—of course, you will have to pay some extra for putting the pedal to the metal, but that’s completely another story to talk about.


Vehicle isn’t cheap at all: prices range from $36,000 (€32,000)—Fun model— to $108,000 (€97,500) —Race version.

So, if you are up to buying it, be ready to pay through the nose.


Hint: there's an easy way to shave nearly $10,000 off that price, but it will mean that the car will come in a box. 


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  • GerardoSena 6/28/20 12:29 pm # 0
    Hi there tony
  • errolweb62880 6/29/20 11:24 pm # 0
    At least they already started their first e vehicle. commercial real estate cincinnati
  • Ariadne 6/1/20 9:01 am # 0
    I really hope this vehicle will be available in US in the future.
  • Ariadne 6/2/20 7:02 am # 0
    Is there any safety issues on this type of vehicle in the road? Most of these types are being used in dune and desert only, I use to have something like this when we rescue our best pet grooming long island patients.
  • Ariadne 6/9/20 9:23 am # 0
    I want this vehicle badly, this will be my next project in my build for
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  • Ariadne 5/22/20 4:23 am # 0
    Why is it called a roadster when it has a price of a full car?
    Similar roadster has been featured in this site too
  • Lucas 4/16/20 2:51 pm # 0
    This is definitely one of the coolest things I saw here.
  • florentingivi 3/5/20 1:12 am # 0
    Amazing! It's look like mario cart or something Bubble Witch 2 Saga game. I love it! What is the top speed?
  • DaleWells 3/9/20 9:19 pm # 0
    Those are indeed quite impressive specs for an electric vehicle. The design just remind me of the race cars used in the movie called the Little Rascals. Thanks for sharing this great info though. Also, please visit this website and check out their deck and fence services.
  • suryi1508 3/16/20 3:59 am # 0
    This exactly looks like the dune buggies, but the wheels are reduced to be street capable. Couple of this shown on our site but smaller versions.
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