Faraday Future announced a long-term alliance with Formula E racing team Dragon Racing

Faraday Future will now become the core technical partner and title sponsor of the team –the team will even change its name to Faraday Future Dragon Racing.

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California-based firm Faraday Future continues mocking Tesla and does it in even more sophisticated way.

The very first time the company has become the title sponsor of the 2016 FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix  wiith a purposed of showing its FFZERO1 vehicle in action.


The purposed was achieved and a lot of EV critics named ZERO1 “the next big thing” – we also know that the vehicle is called “Tesla-killer” among some FF lovers, but personally we don’t like such names since they kind of descended into cliché – come on, really? Is this really what you can come up with?

If so, then there is only a small difference between you and sweaty mop-headed nerds wholeheartedly believing that “Tesla-killer” is bound to be born in exactly their garage – well, of course, there are some good examples of it, but usually….no one succeeds.

Anyway, we are getting a little bit off-topic.

So, as we were claiming, FF mocks Tesla and does it a lot.

Tesla launches its gigafactory, FF launches the second one, Tesla teams up with SolarCity, FF teams up with Aston Martin and Formula-E Dragon Racing team….holy crap!

If I were Elon, in my dreams I would shoot all FF’s big wigs – rifle might be a good option.

Anyway, that’s the thing that has only to do with Elon.

Plus, incentives to work harder and create new ideas are always terrific – who knows…if it weren’t for Faraday Future, Model 3 could never appear.

So, what about Dragon Racing Team?

Dragon Racing team was founded by two professional racers - Loic Duval and Jerome D’Ambrosio(more details are on the company's site).

















The vehicle, developed by them –Venturi VM 200 --, managed to go straight to top-10 winning list and it interested Faraday Future.







They contacted them and started an alliance with them.

According to the agreement,Faraday Future will now become the core technical partner and title sponsor of the team – Dragon Racing will even change its name to Faraday Future Dragon Racing.

The pairing will debut on October 9, 2016 in the first race of Season 3 (2016/2017) in Hong Kong.

What exactly FF intends to do with Dragon Racing?

In Season 3 they will begin with software.

Thus, Faraday Future and Dragon Racing will work together in Season 3 (2016/17) to develop key technology software solutions to maximize performance capabilities within the vehicles’ powertrains. Faraday Future’s R&D team will look for opportunities within the Dragon Racing platform to improve overall drivetrain performance. Additionally, they will refine data acquisition and analytics to improve vehicle simulation models, which will aid in more accurate predictions of vehicle performance and efficiency.

Season 4 

Season 4 (2017/2018) should bring more fun stuff as FF will test under racing conditions its hardware powertrain components as well as software and firmware.







Here’s some information regarding it from the contract:

“In the Season 4 (2017/2018) and beyond, Faraday Future and Dragon Racing will work together to implement various Faraday powertrain components, software, firmware, and other hardware as the team sees fit. This could include Faraday Future motors, gearbox, and the FF Echelon Inverter – the same inverter that will be installed into every future Faraday Future production vehicle. While competing in the Formula E World Championship Series, FF technology will encounter some of the most challenging and strenuous conditions the world has to offer.”

Well, sounds that harsh and fierce competitions are coming.

Let’s wish FF good luck and wait for Elon’s move.

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