Sweden has built first in the world electric highway

Sweden has become the first country in the world to build an electric highway, creating a short 1.2 mile (2km) stretch of road that powers hybrid and electric trucks – energy is transmitted via overhead wires.

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All Scandinavian countries care about nature more than anyone else in the world: government tax incentives, renewable energy sources… these countries should be role models for all of us.

However, being on the first place is not enough and Sweden decided to go a little bit further, if it could be said so.

So, here is what has been done: the road --part of the E16 highway outside the city of Gävle --was fitted with overhead power lines that Scania hybrid trucks can connect to for power, much like trams.
























When connected, the trucks emit zero emissions. They'll revert back to using diesel once off the power grid (watch the video below).


Siemens, who's providing the tech for the truck in collaboration with Scania, says the eHighway is "twice as efficient" as conventional engines.

More eHighway projects are coming

6240.jpgSweden is using the two-year trial to see if it's possible for a further deployment in the future.

If things will go smoothly, we will see more electric highways in the future.

Also, it should be said that Siemens is planning another eHighway project in California in partnership with Volvo, so, the chance of mass widespread of the following technology is quite high.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that it will be so.

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