Canadian automaker Dubuc Motors launches its very first electric

Dubuc Tomahawk is the fully electric supercar that has 300+ miles of range, 0-to-60 time of just 3 seconds and an incredibly attractive price tag of 100 grand US dollars.

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Canadian automakers are not very popular on the international market – ok, let’s be fair and square, except Canadians, no one knows about their existence.

Usually, people are like deer caught in car headlights when they hear something about Canadian vehicles.

“Canada? Is it from timber? Does it run on maple syrup?” –  these are only a few of vitriolic responses that you can hear from people.

Nevertheless, thankfully to Dubuc Motors – startup company based in Quebec –, everything can change.

I mean, jokes about ‘aboot’,maple syrup and other stuff will always be on air – I guess that we will never get rid of it since it is in our genes–, but when Canada will show us something worth attention, attitude regarding its products will change for sure.

So, what do we have here?

Dubuc Tomahawk

Dubuc Tomahawk is the high-performance electric vehicle that can accelerate from 0-60 mph in three seconds and boasts a 300-mile range. 

Not bad, huh?

Well, it is so, but it is only a concept – the Canadian start-up company is still raising money ( 25 million US dollars) in order to produce the vehicle by 2017 —so, it can never make it, but let’s not be pessimistic and keep on the sunny side.

Competing with Tesla

Believe you or not, but the company has no intention in competing with Tesla.

Here’s what Mike Kakogiannakis, Dubuc co-founder, said on that:

6201.png"We want to complete Tesla's line, not compete with it.”

However, Mike mentioned that the vehicle is somewhat similar toTesla Model S:

“The Tomahawk is designed to be the only '2+2' all-electric sports car with performances to the likes of Tesla."

Other automakers

Dubuc isn't the only motor company to attempt to crowdfund its way to success, but it is the first to try to raise funds for a fully electric car.

In 2015, Elio Motors turned to the platform to raise funds for its $6,800 three-wheeled two-seater, which it expects to start delivering this year.

In contrast, the Tomahawk will cost a whopping $100,000, and will be the world's first electric supercar that will feature two seats in both the front and back of the car.

“The vehicle is a blend of business and pleasure, connecting man and machine to his virtual world,"- the company said.

A little bit pricey

Like Tesla, Tomahawk isn’t cheap.

However, Kakogiannakis believes that the luxurious EV will appeal to a different set of customers that aren't necessarily part of Tesla's demographic.

"Although Tesla's current line of cars deliver breathtaking accelerations, our target market is addressed to those looking for that supercar look and feel," said Kakogiannakis.

Created with a purpose of solving driver’s problems

6203.png“The Tomahawk was engineered to also address a problem automakers keep ignoring, namely big and tall consumers who have trouble fitting into compact sports cars”, CEO of the company said.

“If the Tomahawk takes off, the big and tall can now fit in a sports car comfortably, opening a market for professional athletes."

Some rumination

An increasing number of car companies are beginning to follow in Tesla's tire prints with energy efficient, environmentally friendly cars.

The number of electric vehicles on the market, including hybrids and other electric vehicles, is expected to jump from 2.6 million vehicles sold in 2015 to six million by 2024, according to Navigant Research.

With automakers such as Porsche, making hybrid supercars that sports car enthusiasts enjoy, there are some who are skeptical the Tomahawk will find a receptive market.

6202.jpg"The biggest supercar manufacturers are switching to hybrid," said to Brett David, CEO of Prestige Imports in Miami.

"It is a perfect mix. I think a fully electric car may be a little foolish at the time."

It may take some time before fully electric cars are adopted by drivers, David said.

"There are still people that want the Paganis and the Koenigseggs," he added, speaking of two elite European sports car brands.

"I think we will see more electric cars because it appeases more people, but I do not think consumer confidence will allow for full electric supercars right now," he sadly remarked.

"In five to 10 years, there could be a market for it."


Well, 10 years is hack of a lot of time.

Let’s hope that all of us will be able to pay through the nose and buy the vehicle like this one much faster.

Ah…and let’s hope that the company will make it.Afterward, Canadians should be good at some stuff except lumberjacking – FIY,

After all, Canadians should be good at some stuff except lumberjacking – FIY,the vehicle from timber really exists, but that’s completely another story to talk about.

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