Norway breaks the ice and bans sales of ICE-vehicles

Norway has become the very first country in the world where cars with an internal combustion engine are illegal to use – Norwegian government expects that by 2025 all gasoline-powered vehicles will disappear.

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Scandinavian countries care about environment more than anyone else – even Japan with its cutting-edge technologies looks nothing more but a heinous pest – FIY, it is a country where the number of EV electric-car charging stations exceeds the number of petrol station.

No tax incentives on EV, significant government subsidies…an insurmountable amount of EV chargers…phew…if the heaven for greenpeacers exists, then it is in Norway.

Great country, that’s for sure.

Nevertheless, even a great thing can be improved and Norwegian government did it by banning new sales of ICE cars.

They did what?

Yeap. Four political parties have come to an agreement on that issue.

Of course, everything is not as smooth as we would like it to be -- it is not yet known if there was an official law regarding it – but we are almost sure that fuel-powered vehicles will be banned.
















A draft of the country's 2018-2029 National Transport Plan presented this spring set a target of zero emissions from new cars by 2025.

Nevertheless, don’t forget that there's a clear difference between having a goal of zero emissions vehicles and outright banning the sale of gas powered cars. 

Norway's auto-population is not very big. In fact, its auto sales are among the smallest in Europe, with just over 150,000 cars sold last year.

Still, for any country to completely stop selling new gas and diesel powered vehicles would be a major step toward accelerating adoption of electric vehicles.

Elon’s reaction

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk sent out a Tweet to share with the world his happiness with the governing bodies in Norway.

Here’s what he has written on than:

“Just heard that Norway will ban sales of fuel cars by 2025. You guys Rock!!”







Well, in this case we even don’t have anything to add.

Elon is 100 percent right.

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