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A new smart electric car Smart Fortwo starts only from $13 270

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We are living at the world where gasoline is extremely expensive and we should use another energy resources in order to save our nature and of course our money.At this battle wins the car that uses less energy and the winner of this battle(hint:you already knew the answer) is  a new version of Smart ForTwo.



The Smart Fortwo electric drive is a battery electric vehcle version of the Smart Fortwo city car.

A  new generation of this car looks not really great,but it also great inside.

A car has patented 5-speed smartshift transmission with automatic mode (for ease) and manual mode (for fun), hill start assist, and it's packed with lots of standard safety features such as 8 full-size airbags. It's driving fun with and at official site there is a perfect canvas to personalize (but the price could be more than $13 270 for basic complectation).

However,even though the car has a lot of fabric built-in features in basic complectation and we can see it from specifications.

Specifications Power: peak power output of 55 kW (74 hp) Torque: 130 newton metres (96 lbf·ft) Top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph) 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 60 mph) in 11.5 seconds and 0 to 60 km/h (0 to 37 mph) in 5 seconds Battery capacity: 17.6 kW·h lithium-ion battery by Deutsche ACCUmotive Range: 140 km (87 mi) Miles per gallon equivalent: 122 MPGe city, 93 MPGe highway, 107 MPGe combined Artificial warning sounds for pedestrians automatically activated in the U.S. and Japan, and manually activated in Europe.

 Great,isn't it?

But if it is not enough for you,you could get a realy unique and artsy interior and exterior or add more security features.

One we know for sure.You will  definitely find a lot of stuff to spend with this car.Want a car with tickes that matches you socks?

It's not the issue.You can choose whatever tickles your fancy).

Are you a real maniac of safety?

Well,engineered by Mercedes-Benz, smart has some of the strongest  safety standards in the industry.

Smart  has tridion safety cell is a design element, framing each smart in eye-catching color. But, our patented tridion safety cell is modeled after a racecar roll cage. It's a real bodyguard. And a head guard. And a thigh guard. And a forearm guard too.

Also, this car has all hands on deck feature.

With help of this technology you will never find your Smart in danger of swerving since the esp® (electronic stability program) recognizes the danger before you do. It throttles the engine and brakes the wheels to stay in control.

Not enough?

Well, steel deformation elements (or crash boxes) absorb energy from minor collisions and all space surrounded by airbags.

The passion coupe comes standard with 8 full-size airbags to protect you.

As we can see from above,Mercedez Benz concern has created a really great electrovehicle and engineer were thinking not only about a profit of the company, but also about ordinary people.

For instance,vehicle has solid roof and 85% recyclable.But that's not all.You can download for free smart drive multi-tool application  that includes navigation, digital radio, local events and insider parking tips.

And it the end we would like to shar with you s small video cuz a picture worth thousand words (in our case - video:-)

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