Tesla Model X is finally in Canada

Canadian citizens can finally get their Model X vehicles.

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In Canada, Tesla Model X reservation holders have waited nearly for incredible four years to take delivery of their vehicles.

Well, the time has finally come: it has been reported that a few weeks ago some customers noticed that their VIN numbers for their cars popping up on their MyTesla login pages.

Congratulations, Canadian EV brothers!

Finally, you have Model X too.







Silke & Rolf from teslaxcanada.com shared a picture of their new signature SUV on instagram yesterday, the vehicle turned up in Vancouver, B.C. and the couple are planning a Model X road trip all the way to St. John's N.L. on the east coast. 

Free advertisement

Tesla fanatics, Silke and Rolf, are providing some free advertising for the company. The couple took delivery of their Model X and are planning a trip across Canada which they will document and share on Teslaxcanada.com.

Does the price differ a little bit?

Model X pricing in Canada has been nothing but straightforward, dropping from when the early reservation holders put their order back in 2012 and the time it was actually released. This resulted in some cases a price between $1,000 and $15,000 more than someone who has recently ordered. Luckily this was fixed after Elon Musk confirmation on twitter last month.







According to Tesla Motors Club, the tally for Model X reservations in Canada up till September 2015 was almost 1400, 71 of which are signature models. This ,of course, reflects last year's numbers, reservations should be approaching 2000. Currently, the base Model X 75D can be purchased for CAD$106,000 while the full option P90D will cost up to CAD$198,000.

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