Renault-Samsung will launch Twizy in South Korea in the second half of 2016

Renault Samsung will begin selling the Renault Twizy small urban electric vehicles in South Korea in the second half of this year.Also, the company will shift some production to the Korean Busan factory.

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Renault in cooperation with Samsung will begin selling the Renault Twizy small urban electric vehicles in South Korea in the second half of this year.

If ‘Twizys’ fare well in South Korea, then Renault-Samsung will shift some production to its South Korean Busan factory.


Twizy is currently produced only in Spain, so adding Busan would provide more production capacity, as well as facilitate the Asian market more easily.

Some more news from Renault-Samsung

The company is currently working on a locally designed and developed a 1-ton light commercial electric vehicle.

As often it happens, the company is extremely scarce on the details due to the fact that the vehicle is on its early stages of development.

Nevertheless, something we do know – nothing can be hidden from the Big Brother.

For instance, we know that the targeted range for the 1-ton electric LCV is 155 miles (250 km) and we do know that the 1-ton electric LCV will be designed and developed solely within Korea by RSM and a consortium of local suppliers –yeap, LG Chem is on the list... don’t worry.

In 2014 LG Chem signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in RSM’s EV programs by developing longer-range batteries specially designed to meet the needs of its upcoming vehicles.

But don’t expect 1-ton electric LCV to be coming next week -a company spokesman said that development of the vehicle could take up to four years.

More rumors

RSM is also believed to be working with Renault to develop a low-tech, low-cost electric vehicle along the lines of the Twizy. It would be produced in Busan for local and export markets, as well as at the Dongfeng Renault joint-venture plant in China to serve the China market.

Dongfeng Renault plans to begin producing a China version of the SM3 ZE early next year.

Low-tech, low-cost EV is needed

6137.jpgRenault Group CEO Carlos Ghosn commented on the need for such a low-tech, low-cost electric vehicle when he introduced the China version of the SM3 ZE and the all-new Koleos at last month’s Beijing auto show.

Some red tape stuff

RSM had hoped to launch the Twizy in Korea last year and had worked out an agreement to put a fleet of Twizy Cargo versions in service with a popular Seoul fast-food chain.








The deal faltered when it came to light that Korea’s Ministry of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport could find no official classification under the existing law for a small, all-wheel-drive, urban-delivery electric vehicle.

The Ministry since has developed specifications and regulations that will cover the Twizy, and says the rules will be ready in time for RSM’s planned sales launch.

Twizy’s launch

The Twizy’s launch is expected to follow its showing at next month’s Busan Auto Show.

Stay tuned with us for more news reported.

The Twizy has sold more than 15,000 units worldwide since sales launched in 2012 in France. It is sold in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. It will be available on a limited lease-contract basis in Canada beginning this summer.

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