Tesla launches second-generation Powerwalls

Next-generation Tesla Powerwall will be compatible with almost all inverters(completely with all that are produced SMA), incorporate more capacity(around 17 kW) and, most importantly, will cost less than its predecessor –the exact price remains unknown yet, but Elon mentioned that the new contraption of his will cost less than $3,000 with tax incentives included.

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Not so long time ago we were writing plenty of articles regarding energy storage systems from BMW, Toyota and other Tesla’s rivals.

The news was quite promising due to the fact that manufacturers have managed to create better analogs with better specs, so, the ice broke and Tesla has finally faced some competition.

Nevertheless, like with Chevy Volt, victory didn’t last long  and shortly afterwards Tesla publicly announced that the second-generation Powerwall is about to hit the market.

And now we have it, for better or worse, with better specs, decreased price …and…of course, it is superior to absolutely everything that we have on the market.

So, what’s so special about it? *Elon smirks every time he hears this question*

Let’s figure it out.

Tesla Powerwall 2

6103.pngThe most significant change is that the next-gen Powerwall will be compatible with inverters manufactured by SMA, the global residential PV inverter company. 

SMA is the world’s largest inverter manufacturer by revenue and second largest by shipments, according to GTM Research.








When it was first introduced, the Powerwall was designed to work with inverters from Solar Edge. Its SE7600A-USS Powerwall compatible 7.6 kilowatt StorEdge inverter currently retails on WholesaleSolar.com for $2,944. By comparison, the Powerwall compatible SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5  retails in the European market for $1,240.

Another important thing is that Powerwall 2 will also feature simplified handling and wiring requirements --that means customers should be able to get their units installed for less, saving them even more money. 

Plans for the future

Tesla expects the extraordinary interest in its upcoming Model 3 will drive increased sales of its Powerwall.

6104.jpg“It should be noted that these folks are not interested only in Tesla Motors, but also in Tesla Energy,” said Jonathan McNeill, Tesla’s president of global sales and service.

“The price point of the Tesla Powerwall is an accessible price point for many of these folks, and so they’re expressing interest in both.”

Some rumination

People should realize that energy storage systems isn't the main business of Tesla Motors and Powerwall 2 is nothing more than another useful contraption.

Of course, Tesla closely monitors feedback from its customers and uses it to improve their products– constant development and improvement is a hallmark of the company–, but that means early adopters sometimes get products that are not quite ready for prime time.

So, be prepared for quite laggy product.

Remark: some Powerwall customers have complained about the noise made by their units. While Tesla maintains such sounds are “normal” — the Powerwall has a built-in cooling system —  a company representative conceded to Green Tech Media that the noise in “the very first version was higher than what we should have let out the door.” It says it has implemented a permanent fix for the issue.

Nevertheless, if you are up for being a trendsetter of modern technologies,feel free to buy this device.

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