Nissan XStorage overshadows Tesla Powerwall

xStorage is the cutting-edge fully- integrated energy storage solution for homeowners developed by Nissan in collaboration with Easton.

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Not so long time ago Tesla Powerwall was, probably, the best home battery storage solution that everyone could only wish about –no wonder Tesla Motors made a hit with this ‘contraption’.

However, it was a year ago and things changed pretty much since that time.

American engineer Jeru Garcia has undermined cheapness of Powerwalls, German giant Daimler has started delivering home energy storage units and…Nissan started delivering its own ‘Powerwalls’: unit is  called “xStorage’.

Phew, it seems that someone will have to work around the clock if doesn’t want to lose its slice of the pie – do have a feeling that Elon has become light sleeper after so much stress.

Anyway, that’s the thing that’s impossible to forecast —battery market is still the scattershot and no one knows who will be a game changer—so let’s rather talk about all-new Nissan xStorage.

Nissan xStorage








Nissan has taken a page out of Tesla Energy’s playbook by introducing its own Home energy storage solution, called the “xStorage” in Europe.

Like Tesla Powerwall, the battery can be connected to residential power supply or renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

Also, the home energy storage system provides the ultimate backup solution to consumers, ensuring that the lights never go out – ideal at a time when energy grids are coming under enormous strain

Lifehack: customers can generate additional revenues by selling stored energy back to the grid when demand and costs are high.

Here’s what’s written on the company’s site regarding it:

“Connected to the residential power supply or renewable energy sources such as solar panels, the unit can save customers money on their utility bills by charging up when renewable energy is available or energy is cheaper (e.g. during the night) and releasing that stored energy when demand and costs are high.”

“If a home is equipped with solar technology, this means that consumers can power their homes using clean energy stored in their xStorage system, and be rewarded financially for doing so by avoiding expensive daytime energy tariffs.”

Smart system

As the company claims, the xStorage unit will be the first device of its kind in the market to provide a fully integrated energy storage solution for homeowners.

This means, unlike other storage devices, this factory made integrated unit ensures safety and performance when storing and distributing clean power to consumers. Once set-up by a certified installer, it is ready to go, giving consumers the ability to plug in and power up easily. It will also have smartphone connectivity to allow consumers to flick between energy sources at the touch of a button.

Second-hand batteries in use

6064.jpgThe new unit is powered by twelve Nissan EV battery modules(from Leaf and e-NV 200) and has the potential to revolutionize the way people manage energy usage in their own home, providing added flexibility and multiple cost savings. 

Feedback from ‘creators’

6068.jpgPaul Willcox, Chairman, Nissan Europe said: “It is high time consumers were given the flexibility and power to control how and when they use energy in their own homes. The new xStorage solution combines Nissan’s expertise in vehicle design and reliable battery technology with Eaton’s leadership in power quality and electronics, resulting in a formidable second life battery solution. We want to make energy storage exciting and affordable to everyone, not least because it delivers real consumer benefits whilst ensuring smarter and more sustainable energy management for the grid.”

6069.jpgCyrille Brisson, Vice President Marketing, Eaton Electrical EMEA said: “The collaborative development between Eaton and Nissan enabled us to optimize development and production costs and deliver a well-integrated offer to consumers. Our system will be provided to end-users completely ready to use, with all required elements including cabling and installation by a certified professional, at a starting price of €4,000 for 4.2KWh nominal. Our policy is to avoid hidden extra costs and achieve a lower total cost of ownership than other major offers already announced.”

“Both companies have a well-established footprint in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. At Eaton, we have a network of over 1,000 distributors working with qualified installers in 77 countries. We ensure that consumers access, store and use clean power safely and efficiently in the comfort of their own home.”

Where can I buy xStorage?

The unit is available to pre-order in Europe from September of this year.

Starting price is €4,000 ($4,500) for 4.2KWh nominal including installment and taxes.

Plans for the future

Nissan and Eaton expect to sell more than 100,000 xStorage units within the next five years as the consumer appetite for this type of technology continues to grow.
Well, that’s a hack of a lot of systems.

Let’ wish both companies good luck with that and wait more energy storage solutions from them.

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