All-new 2017 BMW i3 will arrive this July with 50% increased range

2017 BMW i3 will have 33kWh battery pack resulting in 121 miles of pure electric range.

5/17/16 5:00 am chumakdenis 1

Good news from BMW.

We will see 2017 i3 model as soon as early July -- production date is set for the first of July.

The all-new vehicle will have 33 kWh battery pack resulting in 50% increased range.

So, i3 BEV will have 121 miles(195 kilometers) of all-electric range while i3 REX will have 108 miles(175 kilometers).

Well, not bad at all.

Look forward to seeing such a terrific numbers in production-ready versions.










Early inquiries to dealers in the Europe suggest the larger battery option costs an additional $1,950 USD, which is pretty reasonable – and also includes DC fast charging – which is $820 USD option in Europe (CCS fast charging is standard in US)

Some ruminations

As always, some further questions still need to be answered. 

For instance, is the 22 KWh version to be discontinued? How much more with the larger capacity edition cost? Will the BMW with range extender finally get that larger fuel tank everyone in the US has been dying for? 

The moment we have those answers, we will pass them along.















BMW will officially announce the new upgrade (and all further details) on May 2nd.

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