The final production version of the Model 3 will incorporate a HUD

Elon Musk has hired Milan Kovac—creator of the Skully AR-1 HUD – and Porsche’s Mission E interior designer Felix Godard for the development of the steering wheel with a built-in head up display.

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Tesla Motors doesn’t stop to mollycoddle us and to a luring price of Model 3 with its terrific specs we have just received one more bonus – HUD display that will be used, mostly, for controlling autopilot features.

6031.jpgWell, it seems that lack of traditional information cluster won’t be a huge loss, so, let’s stop grieving and move straight to the news that we’ve heard from Elon and Milan Kovac – a person that is in charge of the development of the SKully AR-1 HUD.

Elon Musk is much of a fan of tweeting.

That’s a good thing about him since he always keeps in touch with his followers.

However, sometimes his short and concise tweets can ‘burn’ him — even though he might not have an intention to do it, a lot of secrets facts get unveiled.

For instance, like this time when he alleviated concerns about the peculiar design choice via Twitter.

Hiring of Milan Kovac, the former principal engineer over at Skully Systems and Felix Godard, designer of Porsche’s Mission E, and his recent tweet regarding HUD made everything clear as hell – head-up display in Tesla Model 3 will be.

And, probably, it will be really cool because everything that Elon keeps on the QT is by no means gorgeous.

Do we have some more information?

Of course, we do.

As of now, Kovac is working on Autopilot technology at Tesla Motors –at least, that’s what his LinkedIn profile says.

He is really excited about this project and we might be on the cusp of something big – don’t forget that Kovac a few years back spent some time working at Softkinetic, a Belgium-based company that prides itself as being the “world’s leading provider of 3D vision and gesture recognition solution.”

Softkinetic’s gesture control technology is already being used in the BMW 2015 Series 7.

Also, we do know that all Autopilot-related information will be displayed on a HUD, but it’s no brainer, so let’s not focus on something that obvious.

Besides, we still have a lot of food for thought.

Futuristic look




















Two additional points of interest are worth noting.

Firstly, Elon Musk previously stated that the Model 3 steering wheel will look like a spaceship and will have no shortage of controls.

If that being the case, imagine a fully decked out steering wheel capable of controlling a gigantic HUD on the windshield – I don’t know if you feel the same, but I’ve just got butterflies in my stomach.

Secondly, Tesla Motors has hired the man responsible for the interior design of Porsche’s Mission-E.

Of particular interest is that the Mission E dashboard featured a holographic display along with a number of other futuristic controls.


So, let’s sum it up: at least two talented engineers are working under Tesla’s HUD and the possibility of Elon working under this project himself is quite high, so expect the final production version of the Model 3 being incredibly futuristic inside – if the vehicle will look more like a spaceship that a car, I won’t be impressed.

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