Tesla Motors is on the brink of losing its superiority

LA-based startup company Faraday Future has started construction of its gigafactory in Nevada.

5/5/16 5:00 am chumakdenis 1

While Tesla celebrates is success with Model 3, other companies like Faraday Future work around the clock to defeat the well-known mogul.

One of the bright examples is Faraday Future – the company that has been following Tesla’s footsteps from the get-go.

It has come up with Tesla Model 3 analogue in extremely short terms – within less than half of a year the company has managed to come up with a full-scale prototype that the company later showcased at the CES 2016 – and on top of that has become FIA Formula E official sponsor.

Well, not bad at all – the company has managed to do the same stuff that other companies do for ages.

If I were Elon, I would start worrying for sure – there is nothing more dangerous than rival with big shoes to fill.

Even more ambitious

As of today, company’s ambitions leaped another several levels and FF intends to not only defeat Tesla, but also get its slice of the pie – I guess that Musk doesn’t smirk in his common plausible way

when he hears something about Faraday Future.

The company has all chances to become Tesla’s dead ringer.

And you know what?

This danger has become even bigger – rocketed, I’d even say.


Hm…any ideas on that.

Construction of the brand-new gigafactory in Nevada or insurmountable resources (behind company’s back are standing rich as hell Chinese investors) might be a good guess.

Some information regarding brand-new gigafactory from the official site

LAS VEGAS, Apr. 13, 2016– 2:00 PM PT – At an event in North Las Vegas, Nevada, Faraday Future (FF) hosted a ceremonial ground breaking for its world-class, highly connected and environmentally friendly manufacturing facility at Apex Industrial Park.

The celebratory ceremony was attended by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee and Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Steve Hill of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and several other community leaders and key elected officials from the region. Not only does the announcement signify an important milestone for FF as the company works towards the production of its first all-electric premium vehicle, but the investment will have an overall positive impact on the State of Nevada.

More job openings

Hiring for the Faraday Future Nevada project has already kicked off. The $1 billion, 3 million square foot, 900-acre development will create approximately 4,500 direct jobs over a 10-year period to the state.

The project will also help invest in the community with new and improved infrastructure, create revenue opportunities for local businesses and contribute to tourism.

5984.jpg“We are moving extremely quickly for a project of this size,” said Dag Reckhorn, VP of Global Manufacturing at Faraday Future.

“Our aim is to complete a program that would normally take four years and do it in half the time, while still doing it right.”

*The company cleared the land in January 2016 and expect to grade the land soon.

“We are thrilled to have chosen Nevada for the home of our first manufacturing facility and are deeply committed to bringing our investment to the state,” said Reckhorn.

“We have received tremendous support from local government officials and the community, and look forward to making a significant, positive impact on the local economy.”

Even more jobs are possible

As it gears up for the launch of its first production vehicle, FF is expanding quickly with over 700 U.S. employees to date. The facility in North Las Vegas will be used to manufacture electric, cutting-edge and technologically advanced FF vehicles. It will be expansive in size and hire in roles such as manufacturing, engineering, communications, administrative and more.

Features of the facility

Like FF products, the production facility will be connected, futuristic looking and the environmentally conscious.

The facility will use the latest materials in the construction process and aim to exceed standards set forth by the industry.

FF is committed to environmentally friendly construction practices and has procedures in place to ensure all of its contractors follow dust control regulatory standards.

Materials for the facility structure would include the use of the latest glass, steel, LED lighting and water-based paints.

The company will harvest a combination of wind, solar and geo-thermal energies over time together with its local energy provider to help meet its clean energy goals.

Design of the building














"FF is leveraging its design experience and talents into the creation of the facility. Our user-centric approach is reflected in the futuristic aspects of the building with the use of glass panels that promote a more open air concept. This is unprecedented in modern automobile factories that are conventionally hidden behind walls."

"The facility’s exterior will be a clear calling card of the FF look and feel from the air and from the highway encouraging passers by to visit and see the latest in mobility manufacturing. The interior will offer ergonomically and economically adaptable workspaces in open, color-coordinated environments throughout that integrate with the overall FF culture."

"Courtyards and social spaces will be available and contribute to the collaborative work environment that FF is known for."

What’s inside

FF intends to use the latest in advanced manufacturing equipment in the production of its vehicles which will include high levels of robotic automation, advance laser measurement systems, vision systems, autonomous material delivery, cutting edge aluminum joining technologies and advance coating technologies.

The factory operations will cover body assembly, paint operations, powertrain & battery pack assembly and final vehicle assembly.

Vehicle production

Faraday Future will use the facility to manufacturer its premium electric vehicles.

The company's facility will utilize the company’s unique Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) which is an adaptable modular platform made up of battery strings that can be removed or added to alter the wheelbase. Adding or subtracting the strings modifies the vehicle’s potential weight, battery efficiency and travel distance achieving an even faster entry into nearly any new vehicle segment.


All in all, Faraday Future isn't another moneyless company from Silicon Valley.

It has all resources to 'demolish' Tesla: money, tech-savy employees that were headhunted from other companies, and, most importantly, reputation  everyone knows about it.

However, don't forget that Elon is the goddamn genius and it's really hard to compete with such people i in some cases even impossible, I'd say.

So, the only thing we can do is to wait and see.

Only time will show how it will go.

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