Borgward has formed electric mobility alliance

Legendary German automaker Borgward has announced a strategic partnership with SAP, LG Electronics –LG Chem to be more exact– and Bosch.

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German automobile manufacturer Borgward is ambitious as hell: after 54-year hiatus the company is back and not only does it intend to find its place in the sun, but also overthone other automakers – quite crazy step for a company that hasn’t been a market player for more than half of a century, huh?

 Well, believe you or not, but Borgward’s CEO Ulrich Walker doesn’t think so.

At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show Ulrich has showed everyone that the company isn’t dead at all: two all-new crossovers (BX7 and the BX7 TS) with quite competitive specs were revealed.

We couldn’t say that the vehicles were met with much fanfare, but the visitors were more than happy to see once popular brand being alive.

Plus, the main objective was simply to show the company is still alive, so the Borgward has totally nailed it.

But was it everything? Was it enough for the company with such an unfathomable ego and intentions?

Turns out, it wasn’t.

Bigger slice of the pie

In order to get more, the company has started cooperating with SAP, LG Electronics and Bosch.






“Borgward Group AG has taken the next step on its path to becoming a cutting-edge automotive company: the creation of a long-term strategic partnership with the software firm SAP, the company LG Electronics and the automotive supplier Robert Bosch GmbH is the logical result of Borgward’s plan to launch sales in Europe with plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.”

According to the agreement, SAP will be helping Borgward with a software while LG Electronics will be supplying batteries – yeap, these well-known LG Chem batteries.

Here’s some information on that from the company’s official site:

“SAP will supply the software for the effective networking of the R&D, production, value chain, sales, services, global business operations and other areas of the young yet time-honored automaker.”

“The software from SAP will enable Borgward to perfectly integrate the areas of Industry 4.0 and Internet Plus in order to break through the traditional business and production processes and pave the way for a new era of smart manufacturing.”

“The strategic partnership with LG Electronics encompasses the joint development and delivery of high-performance batteries for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.”

“Moreover, Borgward and LG will jointly develop electric vehicle components such as electric air-conditioning compressors.”

Bosch, in his turn, will help Borgward to develop electric air-conditioning compressors (can’t be so sure on that since LG Chem is competing for it too) and will become company’s official drivetrain partner.

“In the cooperation with Bosch, the two companies will work together on the further development of the electric drivetrain.”

“Additionally, the partnership will encompass the development and supply of components and systems for motor control units, dynamic handling systems, starter generators, electronic steering systems and multimedia systems.”

A few more words about partnership

Ulrich Walker, CEO of Borgward Group AG said:

5960.jpgthe partnership that was agreed to today with SAP, LG and Bosch is an important milestone for Borgward Group AG.”

“Together with our partners, we are forming a strong alliance for a networked future.”

Michael Kleinemeier, Member of the Executive Board, SAP SE, Global Service & Support added:

5959.jpg“The customized software solutions from SAP will help Borgward to automate its business operations. They will also enable Borgward to generate a completely new customer experience when it comes to online price comparisons, new vehicle delivery, services and various preowned vehicle channels.”

Well, sounds like a sweet deal.

Let’s wish the company good luck and hope that it will resurrect like Phoenix.


Borgward is starting its sales this year in China (market that is booming with plug-in hybrid vehicle adoption) following a European market – an exact European launch date remains unknown.

We will inform you as soon as more details on that will be known.

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