Tesla Model 3 has finally been unveiled

Enticing Model 3 turned out to be even cooler that we thought it would be -- range of 215 miles,5 seats, autopilot as well as supercharging features coming standard and... unbelievable price of 35,000 thousand dollars for base model (tax incentives included).

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It’s really hard to think of an automaker that is as popular as Tesla Motors – where else will you see people lining up outside dealerships simply to place a $1,000 deposit on the car they haven’t even seen? – ok, I know one, but they don’t produce electric vehicles(at least not yet).

No wonder the people were waiting Tesla Model 3 presentation more than the Super Bowl.

And…today we had it.

So, how was it?

How was the experience like?

Well, let’s figure it out.

Tesla Model 3 presentation

Franz von Holzhausen enters the stage.

He is followed with much fanfare – some people whistle, some people applause, some simply smile in a sincere way…everyone is happy as a clam.

Franz gives a speech and builds up suspense –says how happy he is since he is working in Elon’s team.

And then…true magic happens.

Elon Musk appears on the stage and reveals to us his new child - Model 3.

Of course, he doesn’t do it immediately – Elon is not that kind of person, but whom am I telling, huh?

I bet you know about Tesla and Elon as much information as I do.

Just watch the video and enjoy every moment of it.

What’s new, doc?         

For some of you there might be way too much information, so, we’ve decided to spoon-feed it to you.

For starters, let’s say the Model 3 is by no means a stunner.

It’s a handsome sedan, with four doors and five seats, and all the comfort and practicality you’d expect of an upscale mid-size sedan. The battery is good fora 0 to 62 mph time under six second anda range of 215 miles.

It’s packed with tech, stylish, and a bargain at the $27,500 ($35,000 with tax incentives).


5900.jpgThe specs and price are major because so far Tesla Motors has aimed squarely at the people with deep pockets.

The company’s first three models—the innovative Roadster sports car, exquisite Model S sedan, and tech-slinging Model X SUV—made electric cars fun, cool, and compelling. The Model 3 is meant to do something greater: sell the masses on electric propulsion – FIY, by the end of the presentation there were 100k+ orders on Model 3.

So, will it have any impact on the performance?

Luckily, the answer is no –unless you consider acceleration from 0 to 62 mph under six seconds something unacceptable, everything is fine.

Sleek and minimalist design with bunch improvements likewise bigger batteries, improved electronics, hardware changes and self-driving capabilities prove it on practice.







As Elon said,” you won’t be able to buy a better car for $35,000” and that’s very true.

Whole roof made of glass making sunroof look like a peephole, 215 miles of EPA range,0-to-62 in less than 6 seconds,5 seats, autopilot and supercharging features…it’s all there and it comes standard.


Don’t forget that Model 3 will be available to buy not sooner that the next year and only God knows what can happen within that much time.

As of now, there is only Chevy Bolt ,but it doesn’t mean there won’t be more competitors by that time – you know how fast developing EV market is.

And, truth to be told, Tesla Motors is playing a really dangerous game -- in case Model 3 don’t make a success with the public, it will disappear from  EV market at all due to the reason that other models might not pad the bottom line, but it’s very unlikely.

Elon is a way too good strategist to make it happen.

Anyway, it seems that we’re getting a little bit off-topic.

Let’s wish Mush good luck and wait more news about Model 3 from him – he was being quite scarce on the details in his presentation, we want so much more.







For those people that are interested: Model 3 can be reserved on Tesla’s official site.

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