Apple confirmed that it will produce all-electric vehicle by the end of this decade

The Apple car will have cutting edge hardware and software, fully electric drivetrain, and, of course, it will be fully autonomous.

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Some of you might remember recent rumours about fully autonomous Apple car.

Well, it turns out that these rumours are true and we'll see Apple car by the end of this decade.


Yes, you have heard me correctly.

Apple is working under the fully autonomous vehicle and it's more ambitious about its very first vehicle than ever -- Apple says its vehicle will completely change the automotive industry – something very familiar, isn't it?

Alas,we don't know yet if Apple's future vehicle will change the automotive industry since the vehicle is on its early stages of development, but we do know one thing for sure – Apple fans all over the world are more excited than ever.

Thus, let's not waste any minute and learn everything we know about the vehicle.

The Apple car









The Apple car will be revolutionary. Apple will aim to redesign the hardware and software of the car to achieve harmonious integration. The drivetrain will be electric, and the company will rely on its extensive battery design and production it has developed for computers and handheld devices. But the fact that it is electric won’t be the revolution.

The car will be self-driving, and offer a host of technological innovations we haven’t imagined and at some point won’t be able to imagine living without.

Automotive partners

Apple is unlikely to rely on automotive partners in any major way – they will likely do it on their own, leveraging their nearly $200 billion in cash reserves to build and tool their own auto plant– but some of the companies have already expressed their eagerness to collaborate.

For instance, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne(a person known for his skepticism about electric cars) stepped up in Geneva with a surprising offer that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles could build a car for Apple (which would be fully electric, by the way).

What a coming of age, isn't it?

But that's not everything.

Marchionne also revealed that he himself is an “Apple freak” and he uses all kinds of Apple products.

Building a car for Apple would be an honour for him and and he would appreciate such a partnership, without being arrogant.

Here's what he said:

5842.jpg“I would assume that we have the credibility to be one of the players they have looked at. There are parts of us that would be interesting for them.”

“Apple has a language, and you have to be able to speak that language. Usually the industry comes into that dialogue with a high degree of arrogance as we know how to make cars. That’s not very helpful as their syntax is worth more than our ability to build cars.”

Well, it wouldn’t be a bad idea from various prospects. Fiat opts for broader consolidation and Apple wouldn’t necessarily need to establish a production facility for the car.

But how it will go - only time will show.


Apple car isn't coming next week and you'll have to be patient as hell – the launch date of the Apple's brainchild is likely to be fall of 2019 or possibly Spring of 2020.







This is in line with the estimates of other sources.

Well, 4 more years sound like an eternity and it's really hard to think of a person that would wait for that long, but don't forget that Apple will be informing us about everything on their site.

Hence, everything will not be as murky as it might sound.

Plus, there is always a probability that we'll see the vehicle much earlier than it was claimed – Apple is the company that is full of surprises.

Anyway, let's not think about any of that and simply wish Apple good luck with its very first vehicle – hope that it will make a hit with her.

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