French startup company Bee-Bee Automotive unveiled its very first electric vehicle

Bee-Bee XS is the recreational electric vehicle that has 9,6 kWh lithium-ion battery, 68 miles(110 kilometers) of pure electric range and the top speed of 55 miles per hour (90km/h).

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Startup path has always been thorny and French company Bee Bee Automotive isn’t exclusion from this rule.

Founded in 2013, the company was being plenty of times on the brink of extinction, but somehow managed to survive –I guess it’s what we call silver linings – and finished its very first project – Bee-Bee XS.

Moreover, not only did it survive, but it also presented XS to the public at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show – I guess that long string of bad luck is over. The company finally got a lucky break.

Cool, isn’t it?

Let’s learn more about the vehicle.
Bee-Bee XS

Bee-Bee XS is the funny recreational vehicle – when you see the vehicle for the very first time, very strange feeling appears in your tommy.

It is cute, tiny and…it’s huggable –I know that it’s weird as hell to talk about the vehicle like that, but XS reminds me of WALL-E.








In practice, the Bee-Bee XS looks like something between a golf cart and a Bollore Bluesummer.







Like the robot, it’s extremely sweet, but in terms of commuting and practicality –it’s not that great.

Vehicle comes with 10 kW electric motor (20 kW during acceleration peaks), lithium-ion batteries (powers can be commissioned in two power levels, 7,2 kWh and 9,6 kW) and 100 kilometers (62 miles) of electric range.

Truth to be told, it’s not enough.

However, in vehicle’s defense, I have to mention that it weighs only 660 kilograms (1,455 lbs), has completely washable interior and it features 4 seats, that’s quite a rare thing.

Moreover, the vehicle has a digital display, that’s kind of a cool amenity.                                                       


5831.jpg* 10 kW (20 kW peak) induction motor

* 7.2 or 9.6 kWh lithium-ion battery (80 or 100 kg) and up to 110 km (68 miles) range with larger battery

* weight of 660 kg (1,455 lbs) without batteries (80 or 100 kg)

* top speed of 50(31 mph) or 90 km/h (55mph)

Production and price

The Bee-Bee XS costs €27,400 ($30,000) without incentives of (€6,300) and is already available to order.

Of course, price isn’t the cheapest – it’s no brainer that Bee-Bee Automotive can’t compete with such companies as Nissan on equal terms—but I do believe that XS fill find its customer.

It’s cute, sweet and it’s a perfect match for beach commuting.

*According to creators, the XS it’s a leisure-oriented simple little, lightweight cabriolet. 

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