Daimler’s big wigs will receive swanky electric vehicles like Mercedes-Benz S500e

Senior level managers at Daimler will be driving company’s top-notch electric vehicles and hybrids absolutely for free.

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It comes as no surprise that good employees are appreciated a lot and the last thing that every company wants is to lose such a valuable people.

Thus, the company provides these people with everything they want and a little bit more – all of us are acquainted with bonuses like free lunch, gym membership, yoga classes and other stuff alike.

However, most of these bonuses come as a standard package in every company and in order to retain your employees it might simply not be enough – spoilt nerds*mumbling*

Well, you might agree or not agree with it, but if you continue doing things the way you were, you might lose plenty of valuable assets – probability of it happening is high as hell.

And…your attrition rates will increase, meaning your reputation management will suffer a lot.

Sounds not very promising, isn’t it?

Well, you are not alone in your contemplations.

Daimler’s CEOs thought the same way when they’ve decided to give best of their employees premium-class hybrids and electric vehicles absolutely for free – not the worth strategy, huh?

Let’s talk more about it.

EVs for ‘cream of the crop’









Daimler’s eMobility initiative will be trendsetting as it will supply electrified company cars to its senior-level managers.

The plan is geared toward the company’s senior managers and will focus on plug-in hybrids. To further make this a reality, the company is investing 30 million euros ($33.4 million dollars) into expanding their charging infrastructure.

As the company says, it will bring plenty of ‘benefits in terms of both convenience and time’.

Here’s what Ola Källenius, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales and Marketing, said on that:

5791.png“The vast majority of electric-car drivers put their vehicle on charge whenever they leave it for a longer period: mostly overnight or while they're at work. This brings benefits in terms of both convenience and time, with no need to drive out of one's way to find a filling station, as might otherwise be necessary. Daimler identified this trend very early on - in the wider Stuttgart area alone, the company has already built 556 charging points for managers and employees. Already, therefore, Daimler is a pioneer in this field and is now taking things a step further:

"In order to enable the convenience of using our electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, we have now decided to extend the charging infrastructure at our company locations even further. This work will already be undertaken over the next few months."

"All in all, the company will be making an immediate investment of 30 million euros into extending charging facilities.”

What models can they drive?

Daimler AG’s line-up currently includes the S 500 e in Saloon, the C 350 e in Saloon, Estate and extended-wheelbase versions, the GLE 500 e 4MATIC, the GLC 350 e 4MATIC and the new E 350 e Saloon –not bad choice, huh?

Pilot program

In Stuttgart, the program has been piloted since April 2015. Managers in there have been driving purely battery-electric-powered B 250 e for almost a year and, truth to be told, all of them were excited about the program.

Here’s what one of the managers-- Harald Kröger, Director of Development for E-Drive-- said about this program:

5792.jpg"I can only commend to my colleagues to experience themselves over a longer period the viability of our battery-electric vehicles in everyday use. I never cease to be amazed by their completely silent electric "cruising" ability and yet at the same time by the impressively sporty nature of the electric drive system, which immediately places its full torque at disposal of any engine speed."

"I am delighted that our eMobility initiative will give managers the opportunity to experience this drive system."

Interesting offers for employees

All Daimler AG’s staff is able to take advantage of the steadily growing range of eMobility vehicles. Both partially and fully electric vehicles are available at attractive terms through the employee car scheme. This offer includes the Smart Fortwo electric drive and the B 250 e as well as the GLE 500 e and the C 350 e. The research project "charge@work" that was launched in October 2013 offers employees the use of electric vehicles for both business and private use and has been developed alongside the company's charging infrastructure.
















Since that date, they have been able to hire a smart fortwo electric drive from the car pools at the company's Möhringen, Untertürkheim and Sindelfingen sites – for a weekend, a week or a whole month, as they prefer. The idea has been enthusiastically received and taken up by employees: the distance that has been covered with zero emission in the first year and a half alone is equivalent of 40 round-the-world trips.

Will there be more electric vehicles and hybrids for employees?

The company is silent as the dead about it.

I mean, of course, it’s obvious that there will be more electric vehicles and more charging places, but will other employees be able to earn such a terrific accolades?

No one knows.

On one hand, there are 556 charging areas in Stuttgart and this number is about to be even bigger.

On the other hand, the extension of charging infrastructure and free cars for Daimler’s workers are two completely different things.

Hence, it remains to be seen how it will go.

Anyway, it’s not that big of a deal–well, unless you work for Daimler.

The main thing is that the company made an emphasis on the development and expansion of charging infrastructure.

Hence, let’s wish Daimler AG good luck and wait more news from them.



















"In order to enable the convenience of using our electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, we have now decided to extend the charging infrastructure at our company locations even further. This work will already be undertaken over the next few months.We are continuing on the path of zero-emission driving with consistency. This is why we are making electric mobility an integral part of the everyday lives of our top management to set an example and to provide a clear role model,”-commented Ola Källenius.

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