Tesla Model 3 will be available to order as soon as March

Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla Model 3 will be coming with $35,000 price tag(without tax incentives) and he also mentioned that Tesla Motors will be taking orders on Model 3 starting from an early March.

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Not so long time ago we were talking about Chevy Bolt and were referring to GM's brainchild as a king of affordable electric vehicles -- Chevy Bolt’s Chief Engineer Josh Tavel managed to do unbelievable - he created a vehicle that can go 200 miles(320 kilometers) on a single charge with a price of around 40 grand(tax incentives included).

Moreover, not only did he create such a terrific vehicle, but he also finished his project in time -- unlike Tesla Motors, General Motors unveiled the full-fledged concept of Bolt at 2016 North American International Auto Show.

Jess, just try to imagine how angry Elon Musk was.

Anyway, Tesla didn't intend to give up and now we have an official announcement from Elon in which he says that Model 3 will be available to order in March and price won't be higher that $35,000.

What a coming of age, isn't it?

Let's learn more.

If you try to win the battle, you might lose the war

On February of 9th Elon Musk confirmed that the $35,000 price tag on the Model 3 is in 'force'.

However, he said that federal and state incentives weren't included to this price -- as of now,the company negotiates over the amount of these tax incentives to make the car even cheaper.

Well, in can clearly be seen that it's hard as hell to overthrone Tesla.

Sorry for that, GM.

You did your best.

More information

Tomorrow we'll be knowing everything about the vehicle, but it's really hard not to loose your temper when it comes to Tesla.

Thus, let's learn what we already know about this long-awaited car.

So, how much will it cost?

5725.jpgSeeking final clarification Bloomberg reached out to Tesla Motors for confirmation ahead of the first reveal of the Model 3 next month.*pictures*

Official confirmation from the company echoes what Musk told reporters at an auto show more than a year ago: "When I say $35,000, I'm talking about without any credits."

This means, of course, for the unwashed masses in the United States, the Model 3 will be available from $27,500 while other state residents will do even better -- such as an effective starting price of $25,000 in California.Far below the average new car transaction price in the US today.

Far below the average new car transaction price in the US today.

*The new question quite likely will now shift to “How long will Tesla keep the Model 3 priced from $35,000?” as the company has a history of deleting / upgrading the base model at a higher price, but we will leave that for another day.

Given Tesla’s most anticipated quarterly report ever tomorrow after the market close (which we will cover live), we expect CEO Elon Musk to be peppered with questions about the March reveal during the subsequent Q&A session.

5727.jpg“The Model 3 is on time, and everyone is going to learn more about it at the end of March.  That’s when we’ve committed to talking about it and giving a really great update, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Bloomberg math stuff






Bloomberg also did some math on how long we can expect those $7,500 federal rebates to last until Tesla hits the 200,000 trigger that would start the phase out, and came up with a mid-2018 figure.

As it stands today, the US EV credit phase out begins at the start of the second calendar quarter after the manufacturer has sold 200,000 eligible plug-in electric. potentially there could be up to 6 further months of credits regardless of the amount sold, followed by 6 months at 50%, and another 6 months at 25%.

Thus, potentially there could be up to 6 further months of credits regardless of the amount sold, followed by 6 months at 50%, and another 6 months at 25%.

Cool, isn't it?

Cheap EVs is definitely something that we need.

Let's wish Elon good luck and patiently wait till tomorrow for more details.

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