Morgan Motor Company will build more electric and hybrid models in 2019

Morgan Motor Company announced a new £6 million ($8.6 million) investment. As the company said, that much money will help to develop new platforms and expand facilities and its workforce.

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With funding from the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre and support from fellow UK companies Delta Motorsport and Potenza Technology, Morgan invested £6 million ($8.6 million) into its Malvern factory in order to enable the development of the new platforms and to expand facilities and its workforce.

Morgan said the project would help it “significantly reduce vehicle carbon dioxide emissions and deliver best-in-class fuel economy”, and the anticipated increase in demand means it’ll need to expand its workforce.

5711.jpg“This is a very exciting project for us.”

“We have been involved in the research and development of new propulsion technology since the inception of the LifeCar project almost 10 years ago. We are now ready to develop the best hybrid and electric drivetrain solutions for production implementation before the end of the decade” - mentioned managing director Steve Morris.

Morris also said that fitting Morgan cars with more sustainable powertrains “will broaden the appeal of the brand and attract new customers in our key markets”.

How will the new models look like?








Alas, we don’t know anything on that – Morgan unveiled its plans only a few weeks ago and we guess we’ll see all-new concepts not sooner than early next year.

Nonetheless, one thing we know for sure – new models will be a sophisticated combination of retro-style and modern technologies (on the picture below you can find Morgan’s currently available car models).

Let’s wish Morgan Motor Company good luck and wait more news from them.


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