Formula E will increase power output to 250 kWh

In the fifth season, the electric racing cars will be able to use up to 250 kW, which is a lot when you combine it with an incredibly low weight of around 888 kg / 1958 lbs.

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Formula E is only in its second season, but it has already become part of the racing culture around the world.

Television ratings are high as hell – in some states, Formula E is more popular that Formula One – and this tendency is about to continue.

Well, fans mean a lot.

Therefore, Formula E organizers decided to make this championship even more fun to watch – power output will be increased up to 250 kW in the fifth season.

Interesting fact: when Alejandro Agag first proposed the idea of racing electric cars, he was laughed at. That was until FIA president Jean Todt decided maybe Agag wasn’t crazy after all and that Formula E deserved a chance. People aren’t laughing anymore.


Cool, isn’t it?

Fewer limitations mean more fun.

Small outlook on power limits in Formula E

Season 1: 150 kW

Season 2: 170 kW (today)

Season 3: 200 kW

Season 4: 220 kW

Season 5: 250 kW







The racing competition has been intense and exciting, but the electric racing cars have been limited so far to a maximum power of 200 kW. There was a proposal to increase that to 250 kW for season three, but Agag and his management team have decided to move cautiously in this area. Power will remain the same for season three, then go up gradually to 225 kW in season four and 250 kW in season 5.

2016 season

This year, the teams are free to choose their own transmissions, motors and battery control systems – maybe it is not that much, but a slow pace of change is not that bad thing -- Agag and his team deliberated  over every tiny detail, so in this particular case this is a good thing to do.

So, let’s be patient and wait the fifth season to begin --   it will be heck of a lot of fun to watch. That’s for sure.

And as of now, let’ s be happy with the second  season and all the vehicles that will be in there.

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