Drivers in California are paid for charging their electric vehicles

eMotorWerks announced a new JuicePoints program that pays California drivers for both plugging-in and helping the grid at the same time.

2/16/16 4:00 am chumakdenis 1

Would you be happier if you were paid for charging your electric vehicle?

Of course you’d be happier – that’s obvious.

However, it sounds more like utopia than something real.

Nonetheless, it is real –well, at least for EV drivers in California.

So, here’s how it works.

eMotorWerks has a program called JuicePoints that pays– in return customer accumulate points which are turned into electricity credits– California drivers for both plugging-in and helping the grid at the same time.


















The program itself is kind of cool and innovative, and we hope it will pick up on for the rest of the United States and beyond.

5684.jpg"The ability to shed loads from customer's PEVs through centralized control in return for incentive rewards enables JuiceNet to uniquely assist with grid load moderation, especially as more transportation becomes electrified"-  said Ron Freund, Chairman of the Electric Auto Association (EAA).

A few words about charging systems

5683.pngJuiceNet-enabled EV charging stations are connected to major California utilities' grid management systems that are controlled to charge at times when the electric grid is least constrained and the power is cleanest, better-integrating renewables into the grid, and earning rewards for its customers.

Information on the program specifics

      1. $100 upfront discount on JuiceBox stations od JuiceNet-enabled WiFI ClipperCreek HCS-40 at the same price as a non-WiFi version.

      2. The value of points is not exactly defined yet, but could be up to $100 – $150 per year / unit depending on user behavior.

      3. The points accrue based on two things:

              a) the amount of time the electric vehicle is plugged into the JuiceNet-enabled station and ready to charge;

              b) the amount of energy passing through it.











5688.jpgOur JuicePoints program is unique to the industry and particularly beneficial for our customers…our high-speed dispatch capability, cloud­-based, self­-learning algorithms, and easy ­to ­use mobile app ensure that your car is always charged when you need it, while simultaneously offering greater flexibility to the grid and greener charging.” – mentioned Valery Miftakhov, Founder of eMotorWerks.


The JuicePoints program is immediately available in most of the San Francisco Bay Area – there are over 7,000 JuiceBox stations throughout the country and tens of thousands of JuiceNet-compatible partner stations.

Over the next several weeks, it will be further expanded into most of the territories served by the three largest California utilities - PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E. Existing JuiceBox Pro and JuiceNet-enabled ClipperCreek customers can sign up to earn rewards.


If  you are interested, eMotorwerks is offering the program to existing JuiceBox Pro and JuiceNet enabled ClipperCreek customers. 

Details and sign-up on the program can be found here.

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