Chinese-Israeli automaker Qoros will focus on electric and autonomous vehicles

Qoros hopes to take advantage of the changing automotive industry by opening a new division producing 100% electric vehicles.

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The tChinese-Israeli automaker is not cutting the edge.

Moreover, to be more emphatic, let’s say the Chinese-Israeli automotive start-up brand Qoros barely manages to survive – as of now, the company remains on the brink of extinction.

Money is always a problem, staff turnover is high and there are so many problems that CEOs of the company are afraid to count all of them – no one wants gray hair, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, it’s about to change—well, at least Qoros hopes so.

Company said it would shake up the company’s current structure by establishing two new divisions, one to develop electric vehicles and the other to work on autonomous driving technology.

Here’s some information on that.







The new divisions will be called NEV (New Energy Vehicles) and Mobility.

NEV division will focus on the development of “efficient, cost-effective electric cars with genuine popular appeal" and Mobility will focus on "new mobility platforms and self-drive technologies.”









“The expansion initiatives are designed to equip the business to target more effectively the opportunities presented by the profound structural changes impacting the auto industry.” 

Some other changes

5680.jpgPhil Murtaugh, the ex-Qoros CEO of the company, sold his business part and stepped down ‘for personal reasons’.

His place took Anning Chen, chairman of the company.

5679.jpgChen thanked other chairmen for such an honor and claimed that the main focus of the company is bound to change.

Here’re some quotes from the official site.

"The automotive industry is on the brink of a massive shake-up."

"Qoros will target new opportunities being created by the secular shift towards ultra-low and zero emission vehicles, low environmental impact technologies, the growth of alternative forms of car usage and ownership and the application of self-drive technologies in the field of personal transportation."

According to the statement, the company board believes "these developments, together with a vision to invest in a new product pipeline and new engineering capabilities to meet growing demand in key segments, will help secure the future of Qoros at a time of tremendous flux in the auto industry."


Well, it can clearly be seen that that the company has big shoes to fill.

Let’s wish the start-up company good luck with EVs and hope that they’ll be sold better than non-electric vehicles -- Qoros revealed that that its sales performance with its three-model Qoros 3 line-up has been very poor, with a 'run rate' of just 2000 vehicles per month in December 2015.

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