Samsung unveiled all-new batteries that allow EVs travel up 370 miles on a single charge

Samsung SDI Li-ion battery prototypes can enable electric vehicles to drive up to 370 miles (600 kilometers) on a single charge.

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CES 2016 is probably the biggest event of 2016.

During that trade show so many new vehicles were revealed that not a single person would manage to absorb that much information in one setting: Audi H-Tron Quattro, Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active, Chevy Bolt…jees, finally we can be happy as a clam.

We have more than enough food for thought and it will take us at least two months to absorb all that wealth of knowledge.

However, even though how happy we might be, some of the really exciting things are going unnoticed.

For instance, around the same time, Samsung revealed top-of-the-range battery pack that can give enough juice to not think about recharging for at least few days – Samsung SDI Li-ion battery cells allow EVs travel up to 370 miles (600 kilometers) – and this news went unnoticed.

Shame on us, EV drivers.

We started to think more about wrapping than stuffing.

Is this really who we are?

I guess the answer is obvious, so let’s fix it and wash away our ‘shame’.

Samsung SDI Li-ion battery cells

Here is the news.

On January 11, 2016, Samsung introduced the prototype battery cell for electric vehicles (EVs) that delivers the world’s top energy density – amazing 370 miles (600 kilometers).

That’s 20% more compared to current generation cells (310 miles to 360 miles).

So, where lies the secret of such an incredible improvement?








Well, it's a trade secret, so don't expect to see Samsung revealing chemistry behind the battery.

It isn't coming.

Nonetheless, something we managed to dig up.

Around 3 months ago Samsung launched SDI Xi’an Plant (battery gigafactory) in China.

Then, a few days later, Samsung received Patent № 9,236,618 for a rechargeable device and soon after it SDI Li-ion battery prototypes were revealed at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Doesn't it look suspicious?

Samsung's clients

Samsung SDI has secured a deal with Audi, BMW and Fiat to provide batteries for their long-range SUV (rated at 310 miles on an unknown test cycle – although we assume it to be NEDC) so for sure Samsung is raising the bar.








Cells for 310-mile range cars are delivered in samples currently, and production probably won’t begin for anytime soon --we guess the first production EVs using the 310 mile SDI cells will be seen not sooner than 2017.

Low height packs

Samsung  also unveiled ‘low height packs’ for electric vehicles that significantly reduced the battery size and ‘LVS solutions’ that enable regular vehicles to improve eco-friendliness and fuel efficiency simultaneously.

Being a compact battery whose height is 20~30% lower than existing packs for electric vehicles, the ‘low height pack for EVs’ is reduced in size while enhancing energy density.










The reduction in height and improvement in energy density will allow EV designers to install packs more easily and to make commercial production while reducing costs, expediting establishment of the platform for EV systems.

A few words about LVS

The new ‘LVS solution’ can be installed in regular vehicles as well as EVs. As a low voltage system that can replace a lead-acid battery with a lithium-ion battery or add to it in regular vehicles, the ‘LVS solution’ features economic value by delivering excellent eco-friendliness and fuel efficiency.

While the issue of environment pollution by vehicle emissions is being raised, the ‘LVS solution’ attracts attention as a means of addressing environmental regulations to control carbon dioxide as it can improve fuel efficiency by 3~20%. Thus the ‘LVS solution’ is increasingly drawing keen interest and demand from consumers and automakers particularly in North America.

Plans for the future

Samsung hopes to further sharpen competitive edge by capitalizing on its plant in Xian, China, which was built last year, and synergy with SDIBS-based on its industry-top cell and module technologies.

To that end, the company plans to aggressively cope with diverse specifications and needs of global automakers by setting up a full lineup of products, including high voltage systems such as high energy density battery cells and compact battery packs, and LVS packs.

Here's what Nam Seong Cho, President of Samsung SDI, said on that:

5640.jpg“We aim to lead the era of popularizing EVs by introducing a variety of solutions and products desired by customers and the market at this auto show."

“Particularly, we will accelerate to make a foray into the global automobile market including North America by providing the new high energy density battery cell based on the world’s top technology leadership as well as the low height packs and LVS solutions."

Well, it can clearly bee seen that the company has big shoes to fill.

Let's wish Samsung good luck with its plans and wait more cool stuff from them.

The more juice you have, the merrier your rides are becoming.

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