Nissan will unveil brand-new wireless charging system at the Geneva Motor Show 2016

The new 7kW wireless charging system called ‘Fuel Station of the Future’ can easily accommodate overnight charging for 60kW battery packs, analyze battery status —if system figures out that your vehicle almost ran out of juice, it will automatically begin recharging via a device mounted in the road underneath the car—and do other cool stuff.

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For the last few months, Nissan Motor Company and international architect Foster + Partners have been working on the ‘Fuel Station of the Future’ project.

The work has started around 4 months ago and both companies were not ‘generous’ on the details – except blurry announcements  and musing on the perspectives of the technology we heard nothing from them.

Anyway, not so long time ago a new teaser has been released and the public interest has grown again.

In this teaser (below) we can see clearly that the new charging technology will be wireless.


Is this all?

I wish I could say that I have something more for you, but, alas, that’s all.

Nissan Leaf pulls up to a curb and recharging automatically begins via a device mounted in the road underneath the car.

That’s all.

Not too much, but even such a small drop in the ocean is better than nothing.

A few words about wireless charging systems

Wireless charging systems are already available, but the technology itself has been slow to evolve, resulting in lengthy charging times compared with conventional charging via cables.

Nissan can make a real breakthrough with its 7kW wireless charging device that can easily accommodate overnight charging even for larger battery packs such as the 60kW pack that is currently in development at the company’s research and development center in Atsugi, Japan.







60 kW battery packs are expected to be installed in the next-generation Leafs.

They will give next-gen Leafs enough juice to drive around 310 miles (500 kilometers) on a single charge.  


Wireless charging of cars doesn’t have power output abilities on par with DC fast chargers which one might find at the “fuel station of the future“, so we expect that this is only part of a broader vision.


5577.jpgNissan is starting trials of electric vehicles equipped with wireless charging equipment.

The tests are expected to run for at least five years.

By that time Japanese automaker hopes wireless charging will become predominant type of charging.

Well, let’s wish Nissan Motor Company good luck with that and wait more news from them.







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