BMW I8 Spyder interior has been teased ahead of CES 2016

Legendary Bavarian automaker has released the interior teaser image of its new i8 Spyder Concept ahead of its debut early next month at CES (Consumer Technology Association) 2016.

1/16/16 4:00 am chumakdenis 1

BMW definitely knows how to appease its customers and fans: not so long time ago we have celebrated Christmas and while we’re still in the holiday mood, legendary Bavarian automaker releases a teaser image of a new interior concept called BMW Vision Interior.

What a welcome surprise, isn’t it?

Especially if we’ll take into account the fact that only a few days ago we knew practically nothing about the car.

Let’s not waste any minute and take a look-see.




















The dashboard layout suggests it’s interior of the upcoming BMW i8 Spyder's concept version.

The Vision Car concept will be the guidebook of the interior and user interface of future BMW cars.

Innovative gesture control










The conceptual interior showcases a new technology named “AirTouch”. Like the name suggests, the technology is about gesture control, and an advancement of the BMW Gesture Control offered in the sixth-generation BMW 7 Series (G11/G12). 

5564.jpgIt allows the drivers and passengers to operate the infotainment system in a vehicle without making any contact with the display’s surface.

Sensors used for gesture control are installed in the area of the dashboard and they record hand movements made in the area between the center console and the mirror. The desired menu item selection or feature activation can be a very simple selection this way.

Concealed “AirTouch” button

5563.jpgAdditionally, there’s a concealed “AirTouch” button located on the left side of the rim of the steering wheel. It’s easily reachable with a thumb and illuminates when a menu or icon can be activated. The activation of the desired action in the infotainment system can be done simply by tapping this button once. There’s a button for the passenger also, located on the side sill in the door area.


Well, it seems that “AirTouch” button will be very useful, especially once autonomous driving tech advances in the future.

Let’s wish BMW good luck and wait more news from them.

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