2017 Hyundai Ioniq details finally revealed

Korean automaker Hyundai has released more details on its 2017 Ioniq model.

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Hyundai Motor Company is clearly excited about its 2017 Ioniq model and there is a reason for that: 2017 Ioniq vehicle will be the first in the world car to offer up powertrains that include hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric options.

Cool, isn’t it?

You’ll be able to choose between electric, traditional gasoline-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains in a single body type.

No surprise that the customer’s interest is growing.

Anyway, we gathered in here not to discuss the uniqueness of the vehicle, we gathered in order to discuss new teaser sketches dropped by the Korean manufacturer.

So, let’s not waste any minute and take a look-see at exterior and interior renderings of the Ioniq.







The new renderings of the IONIQ sedan depict compact packaging with clean lines, a low hood and a raised rear deck. The front end gets an emphasized fog light recess.


Hyundai Motor’s designers have created an exterior design that is rich in emotional appeal.








Simple, carefully wrought contours minimize wind resistance and assist the efficient management of airflow around the exterior.

 At the front, familiar Hyundai design themes are evident notably the signature hexagonal grille, which incorporates active ‘flaps’ that can direct airflow over the car. The grille is topped by an attractive gloss-black element that extends outwards to meet distinctive new headlamps featuring integrated ‘C’-position lights. The exterior color choice adds to the car’s allure, formulated to be evocative of fog about to lift.


Inside the IONIQ the smooth, elegant and clutter-free theme continues. There is efficient use of interior space and a clear, logical approach is applied to the layout of control functions.








Simple and stylish surfaces make use of eco-friendly materials to convey a futuristic yet warm cabin ambience that will appeal to a new generation of drivers.

Some of the elements we can see include a multi-function steering wheel, a large central display screen that’s likely touch-sensitive, plus smaller display screens located in the main instrument cluster.

Powertrain details

Hyundai is still keeping powertrain details under the hat, unfortunately. All we know is that the electric version will rely on a lithium-ion battery and the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models should feature a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine for their internal combustion component. In the spy shots, we can see a concealed flap just in front of the driver’s door. This section is a common location for an electrical port.






More details are still coming.

We will keep you posted with them.

Vehicle’s name

The IONIQ’s name references elements of its creation. An ion is an electrically charged atom, linking to the car’s clever combination of electrified powertrains. The second part of the name references the unique offering it brings to the Hyundai range, demonstrating the brand’s environmental commitment and willingness to maximize choice for its customers.

Finally, the Q is depicted in the car’s logo as a visual breakthrough, acknowledging the fresh new approach of this advanced, low-emission model.


The brand-new Hyundai Ioniq will be debuted in March 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show and, if everything will go smoothly, Ioniq will hit the production in late 2017.

Well, it remains to be seen if everything will be like that –Murphy’s Law wasn’t cancelled by anyone–but let’s not be pessimistic and hope that everything will be just fine.


Do you like Hyundai Ioniq? Do you think that Hyundai can make a hit with this car?

Leave your comments on that in the comment section below.

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