McLaren‘s design director has built all-electric powerboat

Frank Stephenson, a design director at McLaren Automotive, presented his all-electric powerboat named Riverbreeze.

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McLaren is a well-known automotive manufacturer.

Its luxurious sports cars are known all over the world for incredibly high-performance numbers as well as incredibly high prices.

Nonetheless, today we’re going to talk about a completely different electric vehicle.

Meet, completely electric McLaren’s powerboat – Riverbreeze, the luxurious electric boat designed by Frank Stephenson, a design director at McLaren Automotive.

What? Are they nuts?

We were shocked at the very beginning too, but then we mulled over it and agreed on the fact that there is nothing wrong in producing electric boats.

If the company wants to sell luxurious powerboats, let it be this way.

Saab still supplies details for spacecraft and Porsche started its path from producing tractors.

Nobody judges them for doing it.

Let’s act the same way and simply share that passion with them.









The Riverbreeze is a brainchild of Frank Stephenson, a design director at McLaren Automotive – a person that is known for Mini Cooper, Ferrari F430 and the McLaren P1 designs.

Likewise other works of the British designer, the Riverbreeze has a gorgeous design: the 31-foot wooden electric boat really catches your eye.

Here’s what Frank said about boat design himself:












“It’s Cupid’s Arrow slicing through water. A bravura exercise in beautiful hardwoods, with contrasting rosewood and mahoganies from Brazil and Africa, slathered in 15 initial coats of grain-flattering lacquer.”

“It looks wet, with a shine that gets deeper and deeper”

Frank Stephenson explains why he has preferred wood to plastic

“Everyone’s got this white plastic shell, a big boat maybe, but there’s no romance.Wooden boats get better with age, they smell nice, they feel nice, and everyone has its own character” - explained the affably bearish 56-year-old designer.

1932 Cadillac components in use

Frank used some components from the 1932 Cadillac.

He found an arm and a leg on Ebay and re-chromed it.

Then he used it as a part of the hood ornament.

Here is a picture.

















“Her chest is out, hair flowing back. It’s just beautiful” – said Mr. Stephenson.


Juice for Riverbreeze powerboat comes from a torpedo-shaped, 4.2-kilowatt electric pod motor, with 14.7 kilowatt-hours of storage from eight Varta 12-volt marine batteries that take about eight hours to charge.

Not that much, but it is more than enough for silent sailing.

Plans for the future

Stephenson and crew will spend a good 10 hours cruising the Thames, rising and falling on a series of locks, all the way to Lechlade at the edge of the Cotswolds—the river’s highest navigable point, near the bubbling source of the Thames.

Then, the powerboat will be sold on the auction.

Can’t say anything about the price, but we’re pretty sure the Riverbreeze boat will cost almost as much as the brand-new McLaren P1.

So, if you want to buy ‘one’ (there is actually one boat since there is a single copy of it), be prepared to pay through the nose.

And yeah... a lot of folks with deep pockets will be competing for it, so be prepared for the fierce battle.

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