BMW is about to launch i8 Spyder into production

BMW CEO Harold Krueger said that a production version of the i8 Spyder concept, originally debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in 2012, will be available to order very soon.

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BMW i8 is one of the cars that makes quite a strong impression on everyone: its futuristic design with smart technologies in use create the perfect blend of sports car performance with environmental concern.

It’s kind of a vehicle that could only be dreamed about a few years ago.

And now we can drive this dream thanks to the iconic Bavarian automakers.

Anyway, we’re in here not for ‘serenading’ BMW.

The thing is that even such terrific cars as BMW i8 might be improved and the key for this improvement is…*drum roll* to make i8 convertible.

True genius lies in simplicity

I know that you were expecting for a much more complicated solution, but true genius decisions are usually plain and simple.

Is there at least a person that doesn’t like cruising down the open road with the top down?

It’s gorgeous.







The i8 Spyder features removable top panels and a redesigned B-pillar and rear cowl, while retaining the door hinge mechanisms of the coupe.

More juice

5477.jpgThe current version of the BMW i8 Spyder packs a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-three gas engine paired with two electric motors and a 7.1 kWh lithium-ion battery. The powertrain is good for a combined 357 HP, which allows sprints to 60 mph (100km/h) in just 4.4 seconds.

Numbers are good, but in today's world it’s not enough, especially for the top-shelf sports car like i8 Spyder.

Therefore, the i8 Spyder will get more energy dense batteries, improved transmission and multimedia system.

Also, the car's security system will be improved -- you know how most of the smart cars can easily be hacked.



There is no date when it will go on sale, nor have specifications been released, but Harald Krueger, BMW CEO, says we should see the production i8 Spyder in the near future.

Well, all in good time.

Let’s wish BMW good luck and wait i8 Spyder available to order as soon as it’s only possible.







Do you like BMW i8 Spyder? Would you like to buy it? Why?

Leave your comments on that in the comment section below.

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