Volvo’s electric buses in Gothenburg, Sweden feature Christmas lights and music

Volvo Group in collaboration with ElectriCity have turned electric buses into Christmas decorations as a part of ongoing ElectriCity pilot program.

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Only a few more days are left before Christmas and people all over the world are preparing for it: they set up Christmas trees, hang wreaths on their doors and stockings near their fireplaces, sing carols and….decorate electric buses.

They do what?

Yes, you’ve read it correctly.

In Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo’s electric buses were turned into Christmas decorations (see the video below).


Do you have any associations with this Coca-Cola’s ad?

As the Volvo and Vasttrafik say, it has been done with the purpose to greet people with the upcoming holiday and show inhabitants of Gothenburg that electric buses are so much better than gasoline-powered in all possible ways.

Here is what Helena Lind, PR manager at Volvo Buses, said on that:

5474.jpg“The previous 'Silent Bus Sessions' campaign highlighted one of the major benefits of electric buses – how quiet they are. We want to use the Christmas show to highlight in a fun way that the electric bus allows the city’s traditional noise to be replaced by pleasant sounds."

5475.jpg“One way you can look at the Christmas bus is like a mobile Christmas card which we are using to send Christmas greetings to Gothenburg’s citizens while also spotlighting a successful venture where innovation and sustainability combine to create an attractive means of public transport” -  added Lars Backstrom, managing director of Vasttrafik.

Where can I see these electric buses?

They can be seen and heard along the bus route 55, which passes along Avenyn and Östra Hamngatan in the city center. The route normally only runs on weekdays, but an exception will be made on the weekend of 25-27 December and 1-3 December when the Christmas bus will also run on Saturday and Sunday between 10 am and 6 pm.

100% eco-friendly

Volvo’s buses run on electricity from wind power and hydropower exclusively and can seat 86 passengers. The buses recharge quickly with the renewable electricity at the terminal stops.

Does the range is affected by the lights?

On Volvo’s official site there is no word on how the range is affected by the lights and music, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out – music and lights definitely have a negative impact on vehicle’s performance since such gizmos do need juice too.

However, let’s not focus on such things – it’s Christmas, for Pete’s sake– and be happy with the fact that Volvo in collaboration with ElectriCity did such a great present for its citizens.

Whatever the amount of juice is, it is definitely worth it to spread some Christmas cheer. 


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