2017 BMW i3 will get 94 Ah battery cells from Samsung SDI

BMW AG will be using Samsung’s 94 Ah battery cells in the upcoming 2017 i3 model. Production is set to begin in July of 2016.

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The legendary Bavarian automaker is one of the leaders in the automotive industry.

BMW vehicles are known for lastingness, rigidness, performance numbers and other good qualities.

It is the brand that doesn’t need introduction, everyone knows that BMW vehicles are terrific –a little bit pricey, but that’s completely another story to talk about.

And the most exciting thing is that BMW AG is into electric vehicles: BMW i3, BMW i8, BMW 330e, free public charging stations…jees, I do adore them for that.

They have extremely big shoes to fill and it puts a smile on EV drivers faces.

5435.jpgWhen about a month ago BMW CEO Harold Krueger surprised the EV world by casually mentioning in an interview with Die Zeit that in 2016 the i3 would have increased range, I was squealing with happiness  - I completely had no idea on how they intended to achieve it, but I was happy as a clam.

Finally, we have details on that.

Let’s puzzle it out.






According to Samsung’s Battery Technology Roadmap, it doesn’t look like Korean giant is going to break its promise and start early sales of 94 Ah battery cells – we will have those cells available not sooner than after a year.

However, Samsung talks a little bit differently when it comes to a billion-dollar supply agreement.

Therefore, BMW made a deal and all 2017 i3 models will be equipped with Samsung’s 94 Ah battery cells.

Also, BMW will offer a battery upgrade option for current i3 owners that want the new, higher energy dense battery cells.

Upgrade will cost around $5,000 and all-new battery pack will have the same size as its predecessor had: 96 battery cells packaged in 8 modules, containing 12 cells each.

This will result in increased performance -- from 21.6 kWh to 33.4 kWh.

5432.jpg5434.jpg 5433.jpg







33.4 kWh will increase the i3 BEV’s range to approximately 125 miles(201 kilometers) per charge and the i3 REx to about 115 mpc.

That’s incredible news, isn’t it?

Finally,we’ll have enough juice.

Let’s thank BMW AG for that and wait more news from them.

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