BMW revealed eRR electric motorcycle

BMW eRR concept is the fully electric motorcycle based on BMW’s S1000RR platform – vehicle takes its chassis and design–with an all-electric drivetrain and a bunch of other cool features.

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Alas, we don’t write a lot about electric motorcycles.

Automakers are not really into them, motorcycle manufacturers still prefer to produce fuel-powered motorcycles and motorbikes —you’ll be surprised to learn how many people like noise coming from the exhaust pipe — and the thing is, there aren’t a lot of market players—I would even say that there is a shortage of manufacturers as well as potential buyers.

That’s due to high price. The average price for the electric motorcycle is around $50 000.

That’s way too expensive for most of the people.

Luckily, it’s about to change with the help of BMW eRR motorcycle concept.

Let’s learn more.










The experimental vehicle BMW eRR, created as a project with the Technical University of Munich, embodies an idea of an electric powered supersport motorcycle made by BMW Motorrad.

BMW’s S1000RR chassis and design alongside with an all-electric drivetrain create an impression of sportiness.

However, be cautious about it.

Beauty is only skin deep.









Inside there is an extremely weak 200HP powertrain – as of now, the vehicle goes not faster than37 miles per hour (60km/h).

As Stephan Schaller, Head of BMW explained, that’s due to the fact that some components for the motorcycle were taken from the C evolution scooter –what? Are you nuts?

However, the motorcycle is still in the development, so let’s not push on Bavarian automaker and wait for something as terrific and intriguing as we usually have.

5344.jpg“The RR is giving the creeps of motorsport athletes…acceleration, handling or top speed – the RR is setting standards” - says Stephan Schaller.


The BMW eRR is the eye-candy. It catches everyone’s eye and in terms of design the vehicle is terrific.

However, in terms of performance it’s nothing more than a piece of garbage.

In comparison with such motorbikes as Zero SR, Zero Impulse, LS-218 and other BMW’s competitors –it’s nothing.

For instance, Energica Ego can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (around 100 kilometers per hour) in 3 seconds and continue all the way to 150 mph (240km/h).

Such a great numbers make BMW eRR nothing more than a toy.

Nonetheless, as we were writing before, let’s don’t push on BMW.

eRR is still in development and even specification details are yet unknown.

Maybe, they’re just experimenting with something or don’t want to show us everything that they have.

It’s really hard to say something for sure.

Let’s just wait and see what next BMW’s steps will be.





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