Nissan Motor Company will release software update with autopilot feature by the end of 2016

“Piloted Drive 1.0” software update will be based on Nissan Intelligent Driving technology and will offer drivers much more autonomous driving features than the latest Tesla’s software.

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Self-driving electric cars are becoming more and more popular.

More and more people are recognizing the advantages of being able to use an autonomous driving function.

It’s convenient, useful and that’s something we’ve been dreaming for ages.

However, fully-operational driverless cars are still a long shot.

In a way of example, the all-new Nissan IDS will hit the market no sooner than 2020 as well as other vehicles fully capable of autonomous driving.

What to do?

Well, there is no need to think about it.

Tesla Motors has already found the solution: they’ve released the software update that allows users to use autopilot features.

Cool, huh?

Just install software update and enjoy autonomous driving amenities.

No wonder that the reputation of the company rocketed: drivers all over the world squalled with happiness after such a great update.

Following the same path

The Japanese automobile manufacturer decided not to reinvent the wheel and decided to follow the same strategy.

Thus, the idea of Piloted Drive appeared.

Here’s how it was happening:

On 29th of October in 2015 in Yokohama, Japan Nissan has begun testing its first prototype vehicle that demonstrates piloted drive on both highways and urban roads.

After several tests and improvements, results looked quite promising and Nissan Motor Corporation presented its very first autonomous driving prototype at the Tokyo Motor Show (Nissan Leaf has been chosen as a prototype).







The self-driving driving car is based on the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle and it is equipped with features such as millimeter wave radar, laser scanners, cameras, high-speed computer chips, and a specialized HMI (Human Machine Interface).

“We at Nissan are setting clear goals and preparing for the implementation of piloted drive. The prototype that we’re introducing here today is proof of how close we are towards the realization of this goal. Nissan aspires for a safe and trouble-free motoring future, and we plan on leading the industry in the implementation of piloted drive” –said Senior vice president of Nissan, Takao Asami.

Piloted Drive

Piloted Drive 1.0 -- just like in case of Tesla Autopilot in 7.0 software update-- will enable the car to drive itself in different environments, like on the highway.

It will be able to perform the following functions autonomously:

-distance control lane keeping;

-lane change;

-overtaking slower or stopped vehicle;

- merge;


-interchange driving;

-turning at an intersection without crossing lanes;

-stop at a traffic signal.





















Up-to-date technologies in use

Nissan has developed two innovative technologies that can make piloted drive possible in cities and on urban roads.

The first is the miniature, high-spec laser scanner. Currently in its prototype stages, the laser scanner determines the distance between the vehicle and its surroundings through the use of precise three-dimensional measurement that enables the vehicle to navigate routes in tight spaces.








The other new technology is an 8-way, 360-degree view camera system that allows for accurate routing decisions when driving through intersections and sharp curving roads.

The new prototype vehicle possesses both of these innovative features, facilitating smooth transportation through complex traffic environments, helping the occupants feel as though they are in the hands of an experienced driver.

“Zero Emission “and “Zero Fatality” goals

Nissan maintains two corporate visions of a sustainable mobile society: "Zero Emission" and "Zero Fatality."

 For Zero Emission, the company's goal is to eliminate the emission of CO2 gasses from Nissan vehicles; while Zero Fatality is an aspirational goal that aims to eliminate virtually all fatalities stemming from traffic accidents.

"Vehicle Intelligence" will play a key role in realizing the concept of Zero Fatality; hence, the company is developing an advanced form of vehicle intelligence called "Nissan Intelligent Driving," which is comprised of various innovative features that will be introduced in stages.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)








HMI include:

1) Piloted Drive Commander -positioned on the center console, this device conducts various functions, such as shifting between Manual Drive mode (normal drive mode) and Piloted Drive mode (autonomous drive mode), automatic lane changes, and more.
2) Meter Cluster - the area fully adopts a Thin Film Transistor LCD screen to display vehicle information based on the vehicle's driving mode and driving environment. EV drive information is displayed in Manual Drive mode, such as the speedometer, distance to empty, etc., For Piloted Drive mode, along with the EV drive information, the vehicle's surroundings are displayed in a virtual 360-degree view during higher speeds, and front view for lower speeds.

3) Heads Up Display - when in Piloted Drive mode, the driving path, such as lane changes and intersections, is displayed in front of the driver.

4) Center Cluster - in order to observe the driving landscape during Piloted Drive, a virtual bird's eye view is displayed on the large screen.

Plans for the future

The Japanese manufacturer intends to offer “Piloted Drive 1.0” by the end of 2016 in Japan and some other countries.

Then, the company hopes to implement a multiple lane piloted drive that can conduct lane changes on highways –planned to be held in 2018 – and after a year or two the new technology will finally hit the market.

Well, let’s wish Nissan good luck with that and hope that “Piloted Drive 1.0” will be available to download as soon as it’s only possible.

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