Mitsubishi presented Telsa Model X killer at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Mitsubishi eX is the all-new AWD electric crossover with a 45kWh battery and two 70 kW motors, 250 miles of range (400 kilometers) and, of course, elegant interior and exterior.

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Hardly had Tesla Motors started production of Model X when other automakers appeared with their competitors.

Now on the market there is Q6 e-tron from Audi, Mission E from Porsche and long-awaited eX from Mitsubishi.

Amazing, isn’t it?

I mean, all of the mentioned vehicles are prototypes by now and it will take a while to see production-ready versions, but the fact that other automakers managed to create concepts that fast is terrific.

If I were in Elon’s shoes, I would definitely be tensed.

Let’s talk more about all-new Tesla Model X killer.

Mitsubishi eX

The Mitsubishi eX is the 100% electric SUV that stands out both in terms of performance and in terms of design.

In terms of design, overall it evokes the image of a sports crossover zipping nimbly around town as it merges the elegance and stylishness of a "shooting brake” with compact SUV lines.

The front end expresses a new interpretation of MMC's Dynamic Shield front design concept. In both its exterior and interior, the MITSUBISHI eX Concept indicates the direction MMC Design is taking.






“The MITSUBISHI eX Concept's active, pulsating design uses a very dense, solid form that gives it a strong presence, looking as if it has been carved from a single block, as well as marrying the elegance and stylishness of a "shooting brake" car with the lines of a compact SUV. While luggage compartment provides ample space for outdoor pursuit gear, the MITSUBISHI eX Concept establishes styling which evokes an image of a sports crossover zipping nimbly around town.”








“The front is a new interpretation of the MMC Dynamic Shield design concept. For the MITSUBISHI eX Concept, the design takes a slightly more functional direction. In addition to the visual expression of the "shield" shape to protect people and the car alike, its daytime running lamps and the turning signal in the top make them more visible to pedestrians while the headlights are located under the ends of the bumper to prevent blinding oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. Another element that serves to enhance a feeling of reassurance is the use of rubber coating on the underside and the sides of the fascia where contact is possible with people or obstacles.”

Easy-access doors without center pillars lead occupants into a pleasing interior space. To also express what defines a "shooting brake", the vehicle  has driver and passenger seats of  different colors to give each side a different ambience, making for an interior space which is both sporty but also bright refined and spacious overall.








The use of a framed structure covered with soft-touch material for the dashboard and other major elements of the front compartment creates a sense of being light in weight visually -- the car's structure actually reduces its weight.

The center console houses two portable batteries which can be used outside of the SUV to support the active lifestyles.

EV system

The next-generation EV system employs a high-capacity and high-performance battery together with compact high-output electric motors making it lighter and more efficient. With further weight reductions in the vehicle itself, it can provide a cruising range of 250 miles (400 kilometers).
Lowered centered of gravity

Installing the drive battery beneath the body has lowered the center of gravity and together with its Twin Motor 4WD and S-AWC integrated vehicle dynamics control systems helps it provide better handling control.








This drivetrain delivers the kind of torque acceleration that can only be enjoyed in an electric vehicle as it delivers 70 kW to both front and rear wheels for a total output of 140 kW of power.
The Twin Motor 4WD drivetrain incorporates the S-AWC*2 integrated vehicle dynamics control system which uses braking to control the front wheels and a transfer mechanism (Active Yaw Control) that varies torque split between the rear wheels. With the AYC controlling rear wheel drive split, the MITSUBISHI eX Concept delivers handling which faithfully reflects driver intent.

Driving modes

The driver can select between three different driving modes to extract the full performance of the S-AWC system.

“AUTO” mode uses sensors and cameras which monitor and feed back road surface conditions to the S-AWC control unit, so that it automatically selects the optimum drive mode for the surface conditions encountered along the route.

“GRAVEL “mode delivers optimum traction and drive on unpaved roads and in heavy rain while” SNOW” mode delivers optimum handling on snow-covered or other slippery surfaces.

Other features

Other features include the application of automated driving technology which combines connected car technology, utilizing next-generation information systems, and advanced active safety technology. When it detects danger, it quickly and precisely utilizes its safety features.

Also, the vehicle is equipped with functions which detect malfunctions or abnormalities early and advises the driver to take the vehicle in for repair or servicing.

Augmented reality windshield
The Mitsubisho eX Concept also employs an augmented reality windshield in the front windshield as well as the Intelligent Display giving various driving information which is located in the center of instrument housing.

Linking to an information network using connected car technology, the MITSUBISHI eX Concept brings new ways of enjoying the in-car experience as well as offering other possibilities.

*Augmented reality windshield minimizes driver eye movement.

Employing augmented reality technology, information acquired through linking with connected car technology is displayed on the augmented reality windshield. Displaying such information within their forward field of view allows drivers to view changes in road conditions without having to make major movements of their line of sight. The kind of information that can be displayed includes: route guidance from the car navigation system, vehicle-to-vehicle distance alerts, lane departure warnings and information on fixed or movable traffic signs acquired by the camera-based road sign recognition system.

Caution tracking system
Additionally, the AR windshield is fitted with the caution tracking system which employs driver assistance technology using vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-road and vehicle-to-pedestrian communications to display guidance and warnings on information outside the driver's field of view, such as vehicles or pedestrians approaching intersections.

Intelligent display







Located in the upper part of the instrument housing, the intelligent display provides a portal to a whole range of driving information. Linked to the navigation application on a smartphone, it can display route guidance. Search information through a smartphone or PC is shared with AI via the Cloud and the car will display the driver's requested Internet search information via the Cloud. The AI function of the Intelligent Display will make recommendations based on understanding of the driver's interests and hobbies.
Side view monitors
Side view monitors are located on either side of the main instrument housing. Replacing traditional door mirrors, they use high-definition cameras fitted to the car body to display the rearward field of view and by doing so they reduce the amount of eye movement the driver has to make.
Rear view monitor

A rear view monitor mounted in the overhead console uses a high-definition camera -- fitted to the rear of the car -- to display the view behind the car. It provides a wider and clearer image of the view behind the car than a conventional rear view mirror.

“Domestic” battery
The MITSUBISHI eX Concept can be connected to a V2H device that allows the energy stored in the drive battery to supply enough electricity battery to power domestic appliances in an average household for four days. A 1500W 100V AC socket also allows the battery to power home electric appliances when enjoying outdoor pursuits.
Advanced active safety technology
Advanced active safety technology system comprises the Forward Collision Mitigation system (FCM) and the Ultrasonic misacceleration Mitigation System (UMS). The scope of these camera and radar-based systems have been expanded to detect pedestrians and bicycles. FCM automatically applies the brakes when the camera and radar detect a sudden reduction in the distance with the vehicle in front and helps to avoid a collision or reduce impact damage in the event of a collision. FCM also warns the driver if the camera and radar spot pedestrians and bicycles ahead at night or other times of poor visibility and the system determines there is the possibility of a collision. If necessary it will also automatically apply the brakes to avoid an accident to minimize or avoid injury.
UMS+Brake Control
Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation System (UMS) + Brake Control use radar to detect obstructions either in front or behind the vehicle and regulates motor power when the driver presses their foot on the accelerator by mistake to prevent the vehicle from going forward. It also audibly and visually encourages the driver to take care.

Forward Collision Mitigation system responding to pedestrians and cyclists include:
* Camera spots person;
* Acquires distance to person using laser beam;
* Blind Spot Warning system (BSW);
* Lane Change Assist system (LCA);

The Blind Spot Warning system (BSW) uses ultrasound sensors and radar to monitor the areas behind the vehicle most likely to be blind spots. With both audible and visual alerts the system encourages the driver to take care when it detects a car behind, helping prevent them from failing to observe a vehicle at or approaching either rear corner from behind you when changing lanes on an expressway, for example.

The Lane Change Assist system (LCA) works in cooperation with BSW to assist the driver when there are traffic merging area or when changing lanes on a highway. Should a vehicle be detected approaching one of the rear corners of the car, LCA uses audible and visual alerts to encourage the driver to take care and automatically corrects the steering wheel angle if necessary to prevent contact with another vehicle.
Front and rear cross traffic alert
When driving either forward or backward out of a garage that faces the road, this front and rear mounted camera- and radar-based system issues a warning when it detects an approaching vehicle.
Road condition detection sensor
As well as detecting irregularities in the road surface, this camera- and radar-based system deduces changes in the vehicle's operating environment  and changes in road surface conditions due to the weather. This information is used in the control of the S-AWC integrated vehicle dynamics control system.
The system also shares this road surface information with other vehicles through a connected car link.

This allows cars to adjust their driving based on information from other cars in front of them about road conditions that have suddenly worsened. Also, in the event of a natural disaster, the system can store and analyze data detected by a number of vehicles and inform many more cars about which roads are passable and the condition of such roads.
Communications-based accident avoidance system
Employing vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-road and vehicle-to-pedestrian communications, this system helps prevent accidents by detecting objects the driver cannot readily see, and alerting the driver.

In a way of example, pedestrians on the other side of the car, or oncoming cars and pedestrians when you are waiting to turn at an intersection corner.
Automated parking assist
When parking in a garage or parallel-parking the car, this camera- and sensor-based system monitors the amount of space available and the perimeter of the car and then automatically operates the steering wheel and brakes to complete the parking maneuver. The system reduces effort and stress for drivers when parking in tight spaces.
Driver monitor
The driver monitor system employs an infrared camera in the dashboard and sensors in the steering column and the driver's seat to monitor eye blinking, changes in posture, heart rate and other biological signals as well as vehicle drifting and other abnormalities in their driving to determine their level of wakefulness and encourages them to take a rest as necessary. Any time it detects a loss of concentration or that the driver has taken their eyes off the road ahead, the system immediately issues an alert.

Automated valet parking system & wireless battery charging

Valet parking refers to the service offered by hotels or restaurants when a member of staff will park your car for you when you stop at the entrance and fetch it from the car park for you when you are ready to go home. Smart Valet Parking refers to system where everything is done automatically by linking the parking area system and vehicle system using connected car technology.

Occupants get out of the vehicle after the driver leaves it at the Smart Valet Parking area. When they are ready to return home, the driver can just press an icon on their smartphone or smartwatch and the vehicle automatically drives itself back to the original place Smart Valet Parking area where the driver first left it.

Smart Valet Parking systems provide electric vehicle charging bays with wireless charging which uses solar or other renewable energy sources. EVs that need their battery charged are automatically driven to an available parking spot with a charging bay. When it is time to leave, the vehicle automatically drives itself back to the Smart Valet Parking area to pick up the driver and other occupants. Departure times and other instructions can easily be changed using a smartphone or smartwatch.

Automated driving
Using information from vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-road communications as well as from cameras and radar mounted to the car, the automated driving system analyzes the situation around the perimeter of the vehicle and autonomously varies vehicle speed or changes lane accordingly. The system also acquires information from the Cloud on traffic conditions at the destination and assists the driver in avoiding accidents.

The major technologies employed include:

* Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC): When driving on highways or other roads this system uses vehicle-to-vehicle communications to share information on whether other vehicles are accelerating or decelerating and so make following a vehicle ahead smoother.

* Lane Keeping Assist (LKA): Uses cameras to determine the position of lane dividing lines and keep the vehicle between them.

* Automated Lane Change: This system promotes safer driving by cooperating with LCA and BWS changing lane when it detects changes in the road situation ahead such as congestion, lane restrictions due to road works, or an object that has fallen off a vehicle ahead.

In addition, an Automated Obstacle Avoidance System uses cameras and radar mounted to the vehicle and communications with vehicles in the vicinity, detecting any obstacles so the car can avoid them.
While intricately regulating the distance to other vehicles in the vicinity, whether in congested traffic or travelling at high speed on a highway, this makes for safer driving and also reduces electricity costs because it avoids unnecessary acceleration and braking.









Don’t expect the Mitsubishi eX hit the production quite soon.

The vehicle has to pass tons of rigorous safety tests before going into production and, I’m pretty sure, engineers will definitely like to improve and fix some gizmos in the vehicle for no one likes buggy cars.

Hence, expect to see this beauty on sale not sooner than next year.

And, if you’re interested in buying this beauty, be ready to pay through the nose.

100K+ price tag is quite common thing for vehicles of such class.

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