Yamaha unveiled two electric concept bikes at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha Corporation revealed two electric concept bikes (PES2 and PED2) at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

10/31/15 5:00 am chumakdenis 1

Legendary Japanese multinational corporation Yamaha revealed two sweet-looking electric prototypes at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, called the PES2 and the PED2.

PES2 (Passion Electric Street 2) and PED2 (Passion Electric Dirt 2) electric concept bikes are successors of PES1 and PED1 models (were presented two years ago at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show).

They feature a lot of improvements and the most significant of them is range -- performance equivalent to a gas-powered motorcycle in the 50cc-125cc range.

So much juice comes from Yamaha Smart Power Module power unit (monocoque frame houses it) and powerful lithium-ion batteries that power a DC brushless motor (-s).


The street mode PES2 has a second motor in the front wheel hub, making it a two-wheel drive motorcycle. The front wheel also has an unusual single-sided suspension system instead of a conventional fork. Yamaha says the PES2 weighs less than 286 pounds.

A few words about design








The PED2 sticks closer to a traditional dirtbike design whereas the original PED1 was designed specifically for off-road use.

 The PED2 is equipped with mirrors, a headlight, turn indicators and a license plate holder, making it street legal. Yamaha claims a weight of just 220 pounds for the PED2.


 Production versions of PES2 and PED2 are expected to hit the market at the beginning of 2016.

Well, good for us.

Not much time is left.

Let’s wish Yamaha good luck and hope that PES2 and PED2 won’t be coming with really big price tags.

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