Volkswagen is not dead

Legendary German car manufacturer Volkswagen doesn't intend to give up and does its best to not lose its slice of the pie on the U.S. market. Even more, VW is about to produce Tesla-killer(all-new Volkswagen Phaeton) really soon.

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Even though most of the people buried Volkswagen Group after diesel-emission scandal in the United States, legendary German car manufacturer still struggles to not lose its customers.

CEO of the company promised to replace all VW vehicles that don’t match mentioned emission criteria and do it absolutely for free, guilty people were found and fired (even big shots like Martin Winterkorn  were not left without attention), prices on company’s vehicles substantially drop and tons of other things were done to regain its reputation.

Well, only time will show if people will forgive Volkswagen and its reputation will be recovered, however, I do adore the fact that even in such a hard time VW didn’t lose its optimist and still has big shoes to fill.

The company wants to compete with Tesla Motors and guess what?

 They’ve already created Tesla Model S rival named Phaeton EV.

Moreover, this sedan will soon hit the market.

Let’s figure out more.

Volkswagen Phaeton EV






Volkswagen Phaeton EV is the next battery-powered flagship sedan that, VW hopes, will become the next big thing.

Here are some allegations from VW AG on that:

"The Volkswagen Phaeton has embodied the brand's technological competence and brand ambition from the first generation onward.”

"The future generation of the Phaeton will once again be the flagship for the brand's profile over the next decade."

Under the hood

There will be three different version of VW Phaeton: 100% electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel-powered.

Let’s talk about each of them.

100% electric

















For its electric vehicles, the company is targeting a range between 155 and 310 miles (250 and 500 kilometers).

“This will be a multi-brand toolkit suitable for both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and will thus leverage synergies from other electric vehicle projects in the Group” - detailed the VW AG.

“The standardized system will be designed for all body structures and vehicle types, thus allowing particularly emotional vehicle concepts, and will enable an all-electric range of 155 to 310 miles.”

Plug-in hybrid

Plug-in hybrids will have even greater range, high-volume electric vehicles with a radius of up to 186 miles(300 kilometers), a 48-volt power supply system (mild hybrids) as well as ever more efficient diesel, petrol and CNG concepts.

Diesel-powered version

For European and North American markets, Volkswagen said it is reorienting “the diesel strategy with the most advanced technologies.”

This means every diesel drivetrain will include a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalytic converter and the urea-based AdBlue (both explained in the video below).

“Diesel vehicles will only be equipped with exhaust emissions systems that use the best environmental technology” - added Volkswagen.

Audi Q6 E-Tron platform

Volkswagen Phaeton EV will share its platform architecture, electric drive system and battery technology with the upcoming Audi Q6 E-Tron – as previewed by the E-Tron Quattro concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show.

The four-wheel drive E-Tron Quattro uses three motors - one mounted up front sending drive to the front wheels and the remaining two sited at the rear acting on the rear wheels. Nominal power is put at 230kW, although a boosting function made available in the sportier of two drive modes temporarily increases its maximum output to 370kW. It is accompanied by peak torque of 800Nm.

Energy to run the E-Tron Quattro's electric motors is drawn from a liquid cooled 95kWh battery bolted to the floor below the passenger compartment.

Hinting at its modular nature, Audi says the lithium-ion unit is suitable for other future electric models.



















On a full charge, the battery is claimed to provide the new Audi with a range of over 500km based on the criteria used in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test procedure.

Other cool features









The all-new VW Phaeton is extremely complex. Over 100 patents were filed for technology that would appear in the vehicle, and it was the first Volkswagen with radar-based adaptive cruise control.

It also featured four-zone climate control, adaptive air suspension and engines with cylinder counts ranging from 6 to 12.


Price and production terms remain yet unknown, but it’s no brainer that the car will hit the U.S. market really soon and the price won’t be too expensive – now the company is constantly losing its market share and the need of active action is as big as it has never been before.

Well, let’s wait and see what we will receive.

If it will be the car with specs similar to Tesla Model S but with a much lower price tag, well, I don’t mind buying it.

But let’s not rush to a conclusion and patiently wait production version.

*Do you think that all-new Volkswagen Phaeton will help VW to not lose completely its share on the automotive market in the United States?

Will the car be successful on the U.S. market? Will it be able to compete with Tesla?


Leave your comments on that in the comment section below.

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