Zero presented two new electric motorcycles

American company Zero Motorcycles unveiled its new electric motorcycle models (2016 Zero DSR MAX ADVENTURE and 2016 Zero FXS SUPERMOTO) and shared some details with us about its all-new drivetrains.

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Good news for e-bike lovers.

Zero Motorcycles Inc. (American manufacturer of electric motorcycles) added two new all-electric motorcycles to its ‘family’.

From now on, you can buy 2016 Zero DSR MAX ADVENTURE and/or 2016 Zero FSX SUPERMOTO.

 Cool, isn’t it?

Let’s talk more about each of them.


Zero DSR dual-sport bike is the king of 2016 motorcycle line.

It’s a real ‘beast’ that’s been injected with some power-boosting controller work.

Here’s information from the official site about its numbers: “56% more torque and 25% more power. A 660 amp controller is paired with a Z-Force® motor that contains higher temperature magnets to ensure better performance during extended durations at higher speeds.”







“The result is exhilarating acceleration and even greater prowess off-road”.







“With a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds and 106 ft-lbs of torque on demand, the Zero DSR may be civilized but is by no means subdued. With custom tuned Showa suspension and Bosch ABS, it is equally at home on pavement and dirt. The Zero DSR is more than ready for maximum adventure…whether it’s in the city or places beyond”.








Impressive, isn’t it?

Let’s delve into details and learn more.


5084.jpgThe Zero DSR incorporates technology that makes it ideally suited for a wider range of conditions. In the dirt or on the street, the Pirelli dual sport tires maintain a tight grip, and the specially engineered Showa suspension system absorbs the bumps. The result is a  sports motorcycle that is ready for any surface you throw at it.
Z-FORCE® power pack

5083.jpgThe Zero DS and Zero DSR feature advanced cell chemistry and battery management systems that provide greater capacity and range. Not only does the ZF13.0 power pack enable you to go beyond 140 miles (225 kilometers), it is also designed to last the life of the motorcycle. The result of cutting edge research and development, each cell in the power pack is individually controlled and monitored to ensure maximum health.

Power tank technology

5085.jpgThe Z-Force® Power Tank adds 2.8 kWh of power pack storage capacity to any 2014 or later Zero DS or Zero DSR. An optional accessory, the Power Tank can be added at any time during or after motorcycle purchase, bringing the maximum battery capacity to 15.9 kWh. With that much energy, you can travel up to 179 miles in the city or 86 miles on the highway.

Z-FORCE® motor

5086.jpgZero Motorcycles designed the Z-Force® motor from the ground up to be compact, efficient and powerful. It delivers exhilarating acceleration to a top speed of 98 mph on the Zero DSR. Completely air-cooled, the motor provides a fantastic riding experience, minus the need for any regular maintenance. When slowing down, the motor generates electricity that is channeled back into the power pack to help extend ride times.

Frame and bodywork

Aircraft grade aluminum is exclusively used in the construction of the twin spar frame. It is lightweight, strong and one of the main reasons that the motorcycles handle incredibly well on the dirt or street. Designed to have a low center of gravity, the Zero DS and Zero DSR are highly maneuverable and responsive. The refined, yet rugged, appearance is completed with sleek bodywork with a contemporary, aggressive and naked look. The ‘tank’ section of the bodywork features an integrated storage compartment that is both lockable and removable. The tank section can also be replaced with the Power Tank accessory for greater range or the Charge Tank accessory for faster charging.


5087.jpgZero worked in close collaboration with Showa to develop suspension systems that provide excellent small bump compliance, predictable control of bigger impacts and exceptionally smooth action under all conditions. Torsional rigidity of the front end improves handling, and a hollow front axle reduces unsprung weight. Suspension settings are completely customizable to meet the demands of a wide variety of riders.

Bosch anti-lock brake system (ABS)

5088.jpgThe Zero DSR features an advanced Bosch anti-lock brake system (ABS) that improves control in a wide array of conditions and ensures the best braking performance while a large 320 mm diameter carrier-less rotor increases stopping power.


5089.jpgPirelli tires are standard on the Zero DSR, providing great traction in a wide variety of conditions, excellent durability and road feel. The tires are mounted to stylish and durable cast alloy wheels.

Direct drive gearing

Featuring clutchless direct drive, the Zero DS and Zero DSR are geared for rapid acceleration and maximum efficiency. Without ever needing to shift, acceleration is controlled and powerful at any speed from 0-98 mph (0-to-160km/h). The carbon fiber belt achieves minimal frictional losses for increased overall range and is integral to making the powertrain quiet and maintenance-free.

Easy charging

5090.jpgFrom public Level 2 charge stations to your garage, Zero’s charging options are designed to fit your lifestyle. The Zero DSR comes standard with a simple and lightweight cable that plugs into any household outlet.

Those who want to charge faster can take advantage of the new Charge Tank accessory or Zero’s scalable quick charger solutions. The Charge Tank effectively triples your charging speed on the motorcycle and provides access to the growing network of public Level 2 charging stations using the popular J1772 standard. Quick chargers allow use of up to four 1kW chargers off the motorcycle to provide up to 5.3 kW of charging capability.









Supermotard Zero FXS is an ideal option for dirt races.

 The 44 horsepower (33 kW), 70 ft-lb (95 Nm) of torque and a curb weight of just 289 lb (131 kg) make it a wheelie-happy trail monster for off-road kicks and the odd commute.

Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires, 17-inch wheels and firmer, shorter-travel suspension, new Z-force motor with its improved heat management capabilities…is there at least any electric motorcycle  that can compete with it?

Definitely, Zero FXS's 'entrails' is one of the things that make it simply the best in its kind.

Information from the official site:

“Whether you’re charging through the inner city supermoto style or indulging in backroad shenanigans, the new Zero FXS is ready to push the limits. Delivering a nearly instantaneous 70 ft-lbs of torque, up to 44 hp and weighing less than 300 lbs, the Zero FXS is quick and agile”.








“Suspension and brakes are ideally suited to the rigors of spirited riding, giving the rider greater control. 17” wheels and Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires provide superior grip and corner control…for good reason: the throttle response is simply stunning. The Zero FXS takes supermoto to a new level. Think of it as supermoto on steroids”.








“No ride time is wasted thanks to its maintenance-free powertrain, and each mile covered costs only around a penny in electricity. The Zero FXS features a unique, patented modular power pack system that allows recharging either on or off the bike, making it ideal for the city. With advanced ABS, fully adjustable suspension, dual projector beam headlights, alloy wheels and high-performance street tires, it’s ready to hit the supermoto track or turn formerly mundane tasks into thrilling rides”.







Fully modular system

5116.jpgThe Zero FXS features a fully modular power pack system. With slots for two power packs, you can operate the Zero FXS with either one or both slots filled. The modules can be charged either on the motorcycle or elsewhere using optional accessories, giving you the ability to charge without a street-level outlet.

The Zero FXS can be purchased with either one module (ZF3.3) or two modules (ZF6.5).

Z-FORCE® IPM motor

5117.jpgAt the heart of the Zero FXS powertrain is a highly efficient and robust motor. The patent-pending Z-Force® interior permanent magnet (IPM) design cools rapidly and offers Zero’s highest thermal capability. This significantly improves performance during hard riding and allows higher sustained top speeds. As with all Z-Force® motors, the IPM design is light, compact and powerful, and requires no regular maintenance. When slowing down, the motor generates electricity that is channeled back into the power pack to help extend ride times.

Easy charging

5118.jpgThe Zero FXS charging system is integrated into the motorcycle and can be plugged in at any standard outlet. No additional equipment is required for standard charging. This allows you to conveniently charge in your garage, at the office or when you stop at one of your favorite places while enjoying a day out.

The Zero FXS power pack modules can be removed from the motorcycle and charged separately using optional accessories. This makes it possible to charge the modules anywhere and thereby eliminates the necessity of a street-level outlet. Charging times can be reduced by up to 75% by using a scalable off-board charging system.

Dash and controls

5100.jpgThe dash is designed by Zero to quickly and accurately provide useful data on such information as a state of charge, power output and your selected riding profile. You can toggle through three riding profiles using the ergonomic right-hand switch gear to better meet the needs of your ride: Sport, Eco, Custom. The dash screen features a cool blue backlit LCD display and integrates seamlessly into the front of the motorcycle. Want more information about the motorcycle while riding or at home? Try the Zero Motorcycles App.

Zero Motorcycles Application

Using the Zero Motorcycles App you can see detailed information about your motorcycle such as the time until charged, average watts per mile, total charge cycles and much more. When parked, the app allows you to set the custom riding mode’s performance profile by adjusting the parameters for top speed, maximum torque and maximum regenerative braking. While riding, your phone transforms into a customized dash that provides detailed real-time motorcycle information.

 Synced using Bluetooth, the applications work on Android and IPhone mobile devices.









About improvements in general

1) New motor

5122.jpgFor 2016, Zero range gets an upgraded motor that operates at slightly increased efficiency and handles heat better than the old units. If you rode the 2015 models hard for a long time on a hot day, you could overheat them and trip a thermal management mode that would cut your power back to save the engine and battery from thermal damage. The new motor gives you full performance for longer.

2) High-density battery system

5121.jpgZero’s 2016 batteries pack in a bit more juice, both for the big "monolith" boxes used on the S-series bikes and the modular removable batteries of the FX line.

Improved battery chemistry has boosted the monolith batteries’ capacity by around 4%, taking the largest pack from 12.5 to 13 kWh and boosting the S bikes’ city range from 185 to 197 miles (298 to 314 kilometers) if you have a Power Tank installed.

Improvements are more dramatic on the FX series bikes, which get a 14 percent boost in capacity. A fully loaded FX with two battery modules now gets  82 city miles (132 kilometers), where the old bike got 70 (113 kilometers).

3) Charge Tank accessory (additional option)

5120.jpgIf quicker charging is your priority, you can install the US$1,988 Charge Tank accessory, which works with all 2016 S, DS, SR and DSR bikes, as well as their 2015 counterparts.

The Charge Tank enables you to hook into a public J1772 spec charger to power your bike up some three times faster than on a regular outlet. It’s still not gasoline levels of touring convenience, with a full Level 2 charge on the large 13 kWh monolith battery still taking three hours.

Nonetheless, an hour on the charger will now get you up to 53 miles (85 km) of riding, and the vast majority of charging will still be done at home, for next to nothing.

There are thousands of J1772-spec chargers in the United States, and committed electro-tourers can continue to beef up their onboard charging systems with third-party gear from companies like Hollywood Electrics to bring charge times down even further.


Zero cut the prices of its 2015 range back in May to reflect the falling cost of batteries, which are by far the most expensive component on an electric vehicle at the moment. In a nice move, the company also looked after customers who’d bought a 2015 bike before the price drop by giving them nearly $1,000 worth of accessories.

Those prices more or less hold for 2016, despite the latest models packing in more power – and if you’re interested in an S or DS bike with the smaller 9.8 kWh battery pack, you can actually pick it up a thousand dollars cheaper than the 2015 9.4 kWh bikes.

-          2016 Zero S or DS, with the 9.8kWh battery pack: $10,995

-          2016 Zero S or DS, with the 13kWh battery pack: $13,995

-          2016 Zero SR or DSR, with the 13kWh battery pack: $15,995

-          2016 Zero FX or FXS, with the 3.3 kWh battery module: $8,495

-          2016 Zero FX or FXS, with the 6.5 kWh battery module: $10,990

-          Charge tanks for the S-series bikes cost $1,988, and power tank additional batteries cost $2,674.


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