Legendary German automobile manufacturer Borgward is back after 54-year hiatus

The time-honored German automobile brand Borgward is returning to the world stage. Borgward has unveiled two world premieres at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main: the BX7 and the BX7 TS.

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Legendary German automobile manufacturer Borgward is back after a 54-year hiatus.

The company after such a long break decided to show everyone that it still knows what’s what and presented 2 brand-new models(BX7 and BX7 TS), one of which is a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

5029.jpg"Our goal is to turn Borgward back into the major international automobile manufacturer that it was in its heyday" - said Ulrich Walker, CEO of BORGWARD Group AG, in Frankfurt am Main.


Well, let’s figure out more.



Borgward was originally a German automobile manufacturer founded by Carl F. W. Borgward, which ceased operations in the 1960s. The company was founded in 1929 and was based in Bremen.

BX7 SUV and BX7 TS







The big crossover (a petrol car with 224hp 2.0-liter turbo engine from BAIC) is joined by the sportier looking BX7 TS (pictured below), and a plug-in hybrid is on the way eventually, too -- some sources are reporting 295 kW of system power with 34 miles (55 kilometers) of all-electric range. 












The BX7's styling doesn't do anything special in the crossover segment, but the brand-new SUV should definitely lure some customers when it launches in the first half of 2016.


Upfront, arched headlights connect to a nearly hexagonal grille with slats on the standard model and mesh on the TS. In profile, the shape evokes more than a little bit of Audi. At the rear, the huge letters leave no question what brand the vehicle comes from.

"It's what we call accessible premium" - said Ulrich Walker.

Communication and entertainment systems

Borgward models also combine the most advanced communication and entertainment systems with an extensive online service. Borgward likewise employs the very latest connectivity systems to enhance the driver's safety and comfort. Outstanding product quality combined with uncompromising reliability and extreme longevity will ensure that upcoming model series become classics of the future.

Ulrich Walker (CEO of the company) said that Borgward is scheduled to be launched in Germany and the rest of Europe sometime within the next two years. The company will introduce its first vehicles to the Chinese and other emerging markets in the first half of 2016. Walker described the current developments on the Chinese market as a process of normalization.

"China remains a growth mark"- he added.







The first BORGWARD plant has already been completed in Beijing.

Plans for the future

The market launch in China and further emerging markets will only be the beginning.

"Our goal for the medium and long term is to be present not only in China and Europe but in all the other major markets as well - and, in particular, in the emerging economies" - said Walker.

The entry into new markets and the achievement of corresponding sales volumes will be accompanied by the establishment of new production locations.

In the medium term, Borgward is targeting global sales of significantly more than 500,000 vehicles.

Additionally, the product portfolio is to be continuously expanded over the coming years, with at least two new models presented for market launch every year.

"The BORGWARD family will be competitive" - mentioned Walker.

"And our business model is based on sound financial and strategic foundations" - he added with reference to the brand's continuing commitment to the basic values that already applied in the time of company founder Carl F. W. Borgward.

Well, good luck with that.

Rebirth of an old German brand is a marvelous thing –especially if we will take into account a fact that we heard nothing from Borgward within 50 years.

Let’s wish Borgward good luck and wait BX7 and BX7 TS models from them.

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