Fastned offers unlimited free charging

Netherlands-based company Fastned offers unlimited free fast charging for two years with purchase of the Nissan Leaf.

10/14/15 5:00 am chumakdenis 1

Good news for Nissan Leaf owners and potential customers in the Netherlands.

From now on, Fastned (electric vehicle fast-charging network across the Netherlands) offers unlimited free fast charging for 2 years with purchase of second-generation Nisan Leaf.

As the company says, such move has been taken in order to “give freedom to the EV drivers”.

Of course, there is definitely much more than this: if you can read between the lines, you’ll easily figure out that it’s another fancy marketing campaign by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Nonetheless, it’s still kind of a cool thing – free EV chargers always sound nice.

Let’s figure out more.

Fastned has 38 stations with 50 kW CHAdeMO and other standards like AC Type 2 and Combo.

5003.jpg“That’s exactly the goal of Fastned: giving freedom to the electric driver. We are doing this by building a nationwide network of very reliable fast charging stations which always offer the fastest charging. The development of this network runs parallel with the arrival of ever better electric cars. In the coming years, car manufacturers will bring to market cars with bigger and better batteries. Just like the smartphone industry vies for consumers with bigger screens or better cameras, the electric car market will be about faster charging and longer range. Fastned is building the fast charging infrastructure to secure nationwide coverage for all electric cars, at the most convenient locations. This way you’ll never run out of electricity. And just like a smartphone you can buy a car with or without a subscription” – said Michiel Langezall, CEO and co-founder of Fastned.

A few words about the company








Fastned is a startup firm (with some initial roots in power and automation giant ABB) that is now quickly rolling out an electric vehicle fast-charging network across the Netherlands, with plans to also expand into other parts of Europe and perhaps other markets – company wants to become a significant player on the U.S. market.

Company is really great and here’s why:

      * At this moment, 35 stations are operational Fastned has permits to develop more than 200 stations along the highway (note that it takes a couple of years to obtain the permits).

      * By the end of this year, Fastned will build 60 stations.

      * 15 million euros have been invested in Fastned so far, with 3 million of that coming from distributed, small-scale investors who bought certificates of shares for 10 euros a piece.

      * Fastned Founders Club: since May of this year, Fastned offers shareholders lifetime free charging. Investors that purchase more than 2500 certificates of shares of Fastned automatically become a member of this club and can charge for free for the rest of their lives.

      * Pricing plans are the same like the mobile industry. You can choose to pay per kWh or can go for a subscription: 12 euros/month + 35 cents/kWh or unlimited charging for 100 euros/month

      * All Fastned stations are solar powered!

      * Fastned expects to be at a “break even” point financially when there are about 50,000 electric cars signed up for the system. The 2020 electric vehicle target for the Netherlands is 200,000.

Well, it is no brainer that the company has big shoes to fill.

Let’s wish good luck Fastned and hope that free EV chargers will be available not only for Leaf drivers, but also for other people as well – there is a fat chance of that, but it’s really nice to dream about something really good.

And to date, let’s just be happy with what we already have.


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