Adrian Newey is working on the all-electric supercar with AMG

Adrian Newey’s sports car will be launched as a pure electric model and, more likely, will change our vision of electric vehicles -- Newey wants his car to hold the same sort of place in history as Gordon Murray's McLaren F1.

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Adrian Newey, one of the best Formula One engineers, is currently working on the all-electric supercar with Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

As of now, not much is known about the vehicle, except the fact that Red Bull F1 team’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey is spending an increasing amount of time on the project, but the interest of public is constantly growing, especially if we’ll take into account the fact that it is very first time when racing vehicle will be powered only by electric engine (-s) –yes, there won’t be hybrid drivetrain.

Well, let’s stop building up suspense and talk more about this vehicle.

Adrian Newey’s racing vehicle



Plans for Newey to launch his own road car were first revealed in July of this year. Speaking to Adrian at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June, Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner reiterated that launching a Red Bull road car was inevitable.

4981.jpgHe told us: “It’s something that Adrian is keen to do as a legacy project. At the moment, our focus is on being a Formula 1 constructor, but as we see more technology cross over with the road car market, it’s something that will organically grow.”

Well, his words came true and now Red Bull F1 team’s chief technical officer is spending an increasing amount of time on the project, on which he is working with Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz engineers.

According to insiders, what does interest him is a car that advances technology and the involvement of the driver.


He is said to view the impact made by the McLaren F1, designed by Gordon Murray and launched in 1994, as his inspiration on both measures.






As such, launching a hybrid hypercar four years after the LeFerarri, McLaren P1, and Porsche 918 Spyder were sold out is reported to hold little appeal for Newey.

Instead, he is said to be considering how to harness the potential benefits of electric power using the latest technologies, thereby potentially building an era-defining all-electric supercar.

Different concepts









Newey has a free role within Red Bull Technologies to work on projects of his choosing.

By now, he is working on various concepts for his first production car.

However, he is interested in undertaking the project only if he can break new ground in terms of advancing technology and driver involvement.

In a way of example, earlier this year Newey was taking an active interest in working with Ben Ainslie Racing on its America’s Cup sailing project, but insiders have suggested that the road car has since taken priority.

Almost the same thing happened when Newey stepped back from his F1 involvement at the start of the year, with a road car project rumored to be among his plans. He is understood to have begun collaborative work with Aston Martin at about the same time, and insiders describe the embryonic project as "ongoing, with no certainty of reaching fruition".










However, as well as using Aston Martin’s road car engineering resources, Newey is understood to have worked with the firm’s design team, suggesting that the project is both well advanced and that the car is likely to emphasize aerodynamic performance.

AMG in a” game”

Aston Martin shareholder Mercedes-Benz wants to be involved in the project, both to create a connection with Red Bull’s younger audience and to have a technical involvement in what could be a landmark product. As such, it is said to be pushing for its performance arm, AMG, to work with Newey and for the car to be built with the potential to be run as a hybrid post-launch, potentially combining a V8 petrol engine with electric propulsion, as well as a pure electric model.

Mercedes-Benz own developments

4994.jpgMercedes R&D boss Thomas Weber recently revealed that AMG was already working on hybrid powertrains for 2020. Weber cautioned that AMG’s customers weren’t yet ready to pay more for the technology but said the increasing pressure to reduce emissions meant that the manufacturer had to develop hybrid powertrains that changed perceptions.

“In our development department, we are already planning for the time when we will have to offer something special” - he said.

Renault wants these engines

4995.jpgIt is not known whether Renault's decision to renegotiate its contract with the Red Bull F1 team with a view to ending supply of customer engines will have any impact on the project. Speaking at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn said both parties were looking to end their current contract at the end of this season. Rumors are currently rife that Mercedes-Benz may step in to fill the breach left by Renault to supply engines.


The initial launch is set to begin in around 2018.

How the vehicle will look like - only God knows.

A lot of details are kept on the QT and Adrian Newey is one of these eccentric people that might lose interest in the middle of something.

Hence, the racing vehicle might never be produced.

Nevertheless, let’s not be so pessimistic and wish Newey and engineers from Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz good luck and fertile cooperation.

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