Japanese electric roadster Tommykaira ZZ will be equipped with noise-making system

Roland Corporation and Green Lord Motors Co., Ltd. signed an agreement according to which all ZZ electric vehicles will be equipped with a neo-futuristic driving sound generation system.

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Even though quiet operation is one of the advantages of electric vehicles, for some people it might be a huge concern: blind and visually-impaired pedestrians won't be aware of oncoming cars without familiar engine noises and consequences might be horrific.

Additionally, some people enjoy the sound of an engine firing up, or revving to the limit just before a powerful shift into second. To them, the lack of sound actually takes the fun out of driving anything that is performance based.

Well, it is about to be fixed.

Roland Corporation and Green Lord Motors Corporation, Ltd. signed an agreement according to which all electric vehicles will be equipped with a neo-futuristic driving sound generation system.








The brand-new driving sound system will be designed using Roland’s renowned SuperNATURAL synthesizer technology and won’t affect vehicle’s performance – the system is rather small in size and comes in at less than 2.5 pounds on the scale, so the additional equipment shouldn’t hurt the ZZ’s 0 – 62 mph(100km/h) sprint time of just 3.9 seconds.

In addition, the system will produce different sounds according to what driving mode is selected and how the vehicle is driven.

The tone can even be changed by the driver as he sees fit.

Cool, isn’t it?

Well, there is much more in there.

Let’s learn more.

Professional synthesizer technology in use

The new driving sound system for GLM’s ZZ model will use this same professional synthesizer technology to produce sonically rich, studio-quality sounds.

Plus, the system will have the ability to change with each driver’s real-time driving experiences. GLM and Roland are committed creating a driving sound generation system that provides a one-of-a-kind driving experience that rivals anything currently on the market.

Jimmy Page, George Duke, Herbie Hancock, and much more of the world’s most talented musicians have relied on Roland synthesizers to create music.

Different sounds

Roland’s SuperNATURAL synthesizer technology will power the ZZ model’s sound generation system with dynamic and dramatic sounds that seamlessly change depending on real-time driving situations like acceleration, deceleration, and motor load variances on sloping roads. This exclusive technology is based on responsiveness, which is especially important when recreating the subtleties of acoustic musical instruments electronically.

That same technology will be used to create ingenious neo-futuristic sounds that will give sports car enthusiasts the experience of driving a space ship on the road --a “neo-futuristic” sound will make the ZZ sound like a ground-traveling space ship.

Some other cool stuff

Roland sound generation system can also detect driving situations in real time through a car-mounted network that measures the car’s speed, pressure on the accelerator pedal, and load to the power system. 

When will we see this system in use?

The driving sound system option for GLM’s ZZ model featuring Roland’s sound-making technology will be available this fall.

Let’s wish Green Lord Motors good luck and wait more cool Japanese electric vehicles with noise-making systems.






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