Chargemaster presented new fast charging station named “Ultracharger” at Low Carbon Vehicle Event

The Ultracharger is the brand-new charger that is equipped with three cables for all major standards (combo, AC Type 2 and CHAdeMO) with power of up to 50 kW, 12-inch touchscreen with graphical display and Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

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While more and more electric vehicles appear on the automotive market (just try to remember how many 100% electric cars we saw at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show), situation among fast chargers is completely different.

I mean, of course there are chargers that are quite innovative and in Europe and the U.S.A. there are plenty of places where you can “fill in your tank with fuel”, but the truth is that everything not as good as it sounds.

Fast chargers are available in only a few of places (just try to find at least one charging station in Romania or Bulgaria), can charge not all vehicles (you know about different standards like ChadeMo, AC Type 2, combo etc.) and, for Pete’s sake, might not accept credit cards (almost all existing chargers can only be accessed via an RFID membership card).

Sounds not really promising, is it?

Well, the good thing that thanks to guys from Chargemaster the situation can really be improved.

They’ve developed a fast charger that is equipped with three cables for all major standards (combo, AC Type 2 and CHAdeMO) with power of up to 50 kW, 12-inch touchscreen with graphical display and Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

The brand-new charger has been presented at Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2015(LCV2015) and now waits its time to hit the production.


Let’s learn more.

Chargemaster fast charger








The UK-based firm Chargemaster (the company’s plant in Luton, Bedfordshire) has recently unveiled to us its latest development.






Chargemaster Plc is the UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Benefitting from over 25 years of experience working within the telematics and vehicle-orientated industry, Chargemaster provides a comprehensive, flexible and practical range of electric vehicle charging solutions. Charging stations of this company are specially developed to accommodate new technological advances and the growing demands of the electric vehicle industry.  Chargemaster works in partnership with leading energy providers, vehicle manufacturers, government agencies, management consultancies and property development and blue chip companies.







Named Ultracharger, charging station has everything to become the next big thing:

* compact size(measuring 120cm(H) x 60cm(W) x60cm(D), the Ultracharger is considerably smaller and lighter than previous rapid chargers on the market, meaning it does not need  planning permission to be installed in many instances);

* Automatic Number Plate Recognition (electric vehicle owners are now able to access the Ultracharger via not only an RFID membership card, but also a contactless debit or credit card. It can also be controlled using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), meaning that on recognizing a vehicle’s number plate, it will authorize the user and automatically start charging);

* user-friendly interface (with an advanced user-friendly interface, which has a large 12-inch touchscreen with graphical display, users will be greeted personally on a screen when presenting their card to the Ultracharger. Owners will also receive a text message to inform them when charge has reached a pre-set level);

* compatible with all existing charging standards (the Ultracharger offers three cables making it compatible with all electric vehicles on the market that charge up to 50kW units. The design-focused unit is not only aesthetically improved on previous rapid chargers, but also has cable retraction, removing untidy cables from view when not in use).

Well, looks really promising and the good thing is that fathers of this station have big plans on it - Chargemaster expects to build 1,000 units in its first full year.

















Well, let’s wish good luck with that one.

The more charging station we will have, the more EVs people will owe.

4919.jpg“Research and development is vital to the long-term productivity and growth of our successful automotive industry, and will help companies secure a big share of growing international markets like low carbon and electric vehicles. Ultracharger is a good example of this and I am delighted to unveil it at LCV 2015”   – said Business Minister Anna Soubry.

4918.jpg“We’ve always been at the forefront of electric vehicle charging, and we’re proud to unveil the Ultracharger, which takes the industry a massive step forward in terms of modernisation.

We are proud to be able to manufacture these in the UK, supporting the local economy, while offering high-quality good-value rapid chargers to the electric vehicle market.

With a host of innovations, such as automatic number plate recognition and contactless payments, the Ultracharger will make life even easier for EV owners”– mentioned Chargemaster CEO David Martell.


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