Tesla’s first used showroom is now open in the Golden State

Southern California’s first Tesla showroom/service center that deals in both used and new Model S sedans is now open.

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Good news for people that would like to buy Tesla, but don’t have enough money or not eager to spend that much money on the new vehicle.

Tesla Motors, a manufacturer of high-end electric vehicles, opened on Friday a 23,000-square-foot showroom on 2.5 acres in the Buena Park Auto Center.










The showroom, visible from the 5 freeway, is not Tesla’s first in Southern California, but it is the first in the region to sell new and pre-owned vehicles and have a service department, all in one place.

“We really needed to bring a bigger presence” - said Jeremy Synder, southwest regional general manager.

Showroom and service center in Costa Mesa

Tesla, which previously just had displays in local shopping malls, opened its first Orange County showroom and service center in November in Costa Mesa.

4855.jpgBuena Park adds a pre-owned selection - there were three dozen sitting on the property for its first day.

“If you are looking for a pre-owned Tesla, you can come here and buy one right off the lot” - Synder said.

Feedback from a happy customer

The ability to peruse multiple pre-owned vehicles in once place is what drew Peggy Kerr of San Clemente to the Buena Park store.

“In the past, they had to drive you to the (pre-owned) car ... We got to look at four cars today” - said Kerr, who purchased a 2013 P85 Model S with her husband for $74,000. A new P85 sells for well over $100,000.

“We have a luxury car that is somewhat practical. It’s a good value for what we are getting. We don’t have to worry about mechanical damage as much. We don’t have to pay for gas.”

A few words about the service center

Michelle Nuttall of Hawaiian Gardens owns a 2013 Model S and was the first owner to bring a vehicle in for service at the Buena Park store on Friday.

“I’m very excited that the biggest dealership with the biggest amount of service is in the middle of town where the average person lives,” - Nuttall said.

“I’ve had it two years now and I’ve never wanted to drive any other car.”

The Model S hit the market in 2012.

Working hours

Hours of the Buena Park dealership at 6693 Auto Center Drive will be 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays.

So, if you are eager to drop by, bear this information in mind.








Do you think that showroom/service center that deals in both used and new Model S sedans is a good idea?

Would you buy a pre-owned Tesla?


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