Siemens AG will present Roding Roadster Electric at the 2015 IAA in Germany

The Roding Roadster Electric is a hub drive powered research vehicle. It is based on the Roding Carbon Cell and has innovative battery-powered drivetrain.

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The Roding Roadster Electric vehicle is the long-awaited concept.

First news related to this vehicle appeared in mass media in 2012.

Back to these days, Siemens transformed fuel-powered version of the Roadster into electric and achieved its goal: vehicle with straight-six turbocharged engine sourced from BMW, which produced 320hp and 450Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque, had not only the same performance numbers, but also a little bit bigger: 2012 all-electric Roding Roadster had output of 326hp and 1000Nm (737 lb-ft), and as much as 2500Nm (1840 lb-ft) in peak.









Well, the numbers impress.

Especially if we’ll take into account the fact that technologies weren’t that developed at that time – in order to power vehicle there were placed 250 kilos of the batteries.

2015 Roding Roadster Electric

As of now, the vehicle has become more modern.

It received a series of improvements: Roding Carbon Cell structure, battery-powered drivetrain that can be used for braking (the vehicle doesn’t have a mechanical brake at the rear axle and braking is done by the electric motor) and some other cool things.


* maximum power: 2 x 120 kW;

* maximum torque: 2 x 1250 Nm;

* lithium-ion battery: 19,4 kWh;

* unloaded weight: 1125kg (DIN-standard).

However, our main interest is a brake system that is controlled by so-called Brake Blending, i.e., as circumstances require, the brake torque is automatically transferred from the electrically powered brake to the friction brake at the front axle. It is aimed to recuperate the entire potential energy in 70% of all braking processes.








Well, the system looks really interesting.

Let’s wish Siemens AG good luck and wait more details from them.

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