Proterra XR all-electric bus goes 258 miles (415 kilometers) on a single charge

American manufacturing company Proterra created 40-foot Catalyst XR bus that can travel up to 258 miles (415 kilometers) on a single charge. As of now, it is the best result among other electric buses.

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It comes as no surprise that single-charge distance for all electric vehicles keeps growing all the time because of new types of batteries and improvements made to the old ones (permanent progress has become part of our daily routine), but jees….258 miles on a single charge, isn’t it amazing?

Bulky 40-foot Catalyst XR bus drove 258 miles (415 kilometers) on a single charge under test conditions at Michelin's esteemed Laurens Proving Grounds (LPG) and succeeded.

Definitely, guys from Proterra Inc. deserve some respect for making it possible.

But how did they manage to make it?

Well, that’s exactly the question I’ve been waiting from you.

As almost always, the answer isn’t difficult – huge energy capacity (257kWh) that has been gained by installing eight powerful battery packs.






Proterra predicts its ten pack XR configuration (321 kWh) will achieve 300 miles (480 km) on a single charge. According to available General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data, typical urban and rural bus routes in the United States run less than 200 miles a day, bringing most routes within reach of Proterra's current technology.

Incredible success

Proterra started working under its bus a year ago and was proud with 180 miles results.

Then, half year after that, the company presented to the public a bus that had 78 miles more.

Well, 78 miles increase is definitely big of a deal.

If such tendency continues, clean electric bus will completely replace fuel-powered buses.

And you know what?

It really might come true.

Here’s why: with increased electric range comes a total cost of ownership that's lower than diesel and CNG buses.

In a side-by-side comparison to diesel, the total cost of ownership of Proterra's Catalyst is $140,000 less than diesel and $335,000 less than diesel-hybrids.







Lofty goals in mind

Beyond meeting a given route’s minimum range requirements, Proterra electric vehicles are poised to make a significant impact on the transit market because of the Catalyst’s low operational cost per mile compared to diesel, CNG, and diesel-hybrid buses. Over the 12-year life of a bus, Proterra customers will dramatically reduce maintenance costs, saving around $135 thousand dollars.

The environmental benefits are also making an impressive impact. Collectively, Proterra customers have logged more than 1.3 million miles of revenue service to date, preventing more than 4.7 million pounds of emissions.

Company’s advantages 

4779.png“The purpose-driven Catalyst design affords the best efficiency rating ever for a 40-foot transit bus, at 22 MPG equivalent. Proterra buses are the only mass transit vehicle built from the ground up as an electric vehicle. With a unique aerodynamic body made from carbon fiber and advanced composite materials, we are able to reduce mass for maximum efficiency”- said John Sleconich, Chief Engineer at Proterra.

4781.jpg“The U.S. is quickly waking up to the economic, environmental, and performance benefits of zero-emission electric buses. While diesel buses pollute our communities and are increasingly more costly to own and operate, Proterra is pushing the bounds of EV technology and steadily driving down costs. Achieving this range is validation for our technology and gives us the confidence that Proterra is capable of what we initially set out to accomplish – replacing every fossil fuel bus in the United States with a fully electric one “ - said Proterra CEO, Ryan Popple.

Plans for the future

The 180-mile bus test in February used 321 kWhs of batteries. The 258-mile bus did the deed using just 257 kWh.

Due to increased range and energy density, Proterra says that it expects its 321-kWh bus to be able to go over 300 miles on a charge.

Well, let’s wish company good luck with than one and wait more news from them.

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