PSA Peugeot Citroen unveiled all-new Fractal concept

Peugeot Fractal electric car concept has a range of 450 kilometers (280 miles), accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (100km/h) in 6.8 seconds and has 80% of interior parts manufactured on 3D-printers.

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PSA Peugeot Citroen unveiled all-new Fractal concept that we’ll be able to see by our eyes in the upcoming 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.








The new vehicle is intended to preview technologies that could eventually be used in production cars.

Those technologies include a 3D-printed construction (80% of interior parts are created with help of 3D-printers), and a new sound-system hardware.

Under the hood

The French concept features a two-door body with a removable roof, and an all-electric powertrain.

That powertrain consists of two 102-horsepower electric motors - one for each axle.








The motors are actually geared differently to account for weight transfer during acceleration. The rear motor moves the Peugeot Fractal off the line, while the front motor kicks in at higher speeds.

Peugeot claims a 0 to 60 miles (100km/h) time of 6.8 seconds for the 2,200-pound Fractal.








A 30-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack (mounted in the central tunnel) accounts for some of that weight.

Nevertheless, it seems even more attention was lavished on the interior than on the powertrain.

Just see pictures below and you will understand why.







3D-printed parts represent more than 80 percent of its interior trim.

Interesting features

That interior is built around a "9.1.2" surround-sound system with some interesting features.

One of them is a "sound signature," which plays to welcome the driver when the doors are unlocked via a smartwatch application.

There's also a "tactile bass system" that allows bass tones to travel through the listener's body via the seats.

That creates a more intense sound, without unwanted interference to the surrounding environment.

Other items in the Fractal's suite of gadgets include a head-up display and a 7.7-inch center-stack touchscreen that controls most vehicle functions.

Will this vehicle go into production?

With 90% percent probability, the answer is no since Peugeot has no plans to put the Fractal into production, but perhaps some version of its audio tech or 3D-printed parts will transition to production vehicles.

Well, let’s hope it will be this way.

Press days for the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show begin September 15. For more show coverage, head over to our site later on.

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